Setting Tile
by Michael Byrne

205 x 255mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 1-56158-080-5

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As reviewed in House & HOME Issue 62

Tiling is a popular job for home owners to undertake, even though it can be very technically demanding, especially in wet area installations like shower enclosures. However, with the right research and information at your fingertips, there's really nothing stopping you from doing the job with confidence. One book that will go a long way to helping in this regard is an American title called Setting Tile, written by a professional tiler.

The most confusing aspect of tile laying is the range of materials available, and their interaction with each other. Once you've read this book, you'll be able to ask your tile supplier all the right questions, and you won't be afraid to make an informed decision based on your knowledge and their recommendations.

Setting Tile examines all the types of tile, substrate and adhesives, covering all the materials and methods used for installing tiles in just about every application in the home - floors, walls, countertops - and unique situations like mosaic tile, tiles exposed to heat, soap dishes, paving stones, mortar bed shower floors, and more.

The author focuses strongly on the importance of layout. He provides good tips for avoiding unsightly mistakes, which you can't fix once the tiles are down. Extensive layout guidelines, including some for irregular pattern tiles, are provided, along with hints for accurately calculating your tile needs.

The book also includes a section on troubleshooting and repairs. Some of the construction techniques are different to those used in Australia, but for the most part, this book has all the answers you need. Read this book, check with your supplier, work slowly and carefully, and you’re bound to get the job right!

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Ceramic Tile

Natural Stone Tile

Setting Materials

Tools and Safety

Surface Preparation

Expansion Joints and Membranes

Layout & Basic Application Techniques

Floor Installations

Wall Installations

Countertop Installations

Special Installations

Troubleshooting and Repairs

Resource Guide