How To Be A Successful Owner Builder & Renovator
Step-by-Step Guide to Building or Extending Your Own Home
9th Edition

by Allan Staines

(Australian Publication)

210 x 295mm

Published by Pinedale Press, Caloundra, QLD


ISBN 187521731-1

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Extract from back cover of book:

This manual is intended to give a panoramic view of house construction, how to manage a house building site and perform some common trade skills.

Contrary to the perception of many professional builders, owner builders are not all unskilled people. Owing to the fact that tradespersons do not all possess a builder's licence, they have to obtain an owner builder's permit to construct their own houses. Therefore a large portion of owner built houses are in fact built by tradepersons.

The Australian House Building Manual prepared for professionals and apprentices, is the companion manual and covers on site construction procedures in detail; from foundations through to roof framig and internal fitout and finishing. Overlapping information has been limited to areas which were necessary for each manual to retain its integrity should a reader not have acces to both manuals.

These manuals are intended to be a guide only and are not a statutory building code or form part of any code. National and Local Building by-laws and also any specialised or Engineer's design must take precedence over all information in these manuals.

Drawings: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Metric


Author's Notes & Instructions

Becoming a SuccessfuI Owner BuiIder
Methods of Owner Building
Kit Home Building
A Quick Building Program
What is Involved in Being an Owner Builder
Selling the Owner Built House

Choosing a Site & Designing the House
Selecting the Site
Houses Styles
Designing the House
Deciding Which Materials to Use

Understanding House Construction
House Construction Types
Understanding Foundations & Footings
Weatherboard Houses /Timber Framing
Brick Veneer House Construction
Cavity Brick House Construction
Concrete Block Masonry Construction

Extending a House
Tackling Renovations & Additions
Siting an Extension
Joining New Floors to Old
Timber Wall Framing
Joining Timber Walls to Brick
Extending a Brick Veneer House
A Quick & Easy Extension
Extending a Weatherboard House
Joining Weatherboards
Additions to Roofs
Adding a Verandah or Carport
Carport Construction
Buying a House to Renovate
Raising up a House or Positioning a Removal House

Planning, Specifications, Sub-contractors & Materials
Plan Preparation
How to Obtain Quality Trade work
Employing Subcontractors or Employees
Plumbing, Drainage & Electrical
Ordering Timber
Storing Materials
Estimating Totals
Ready To Start Building
The Building Schedule

Identifying Improper Building Practices & Common Problems
Foundations & Footings
Concrete Slab Floor Preparation
Brick Veneer Construction
Cavity Brick
Concrete Block Masonry
Sheet Metal Roofing
Plumber & Drainer & Electrician
Thin Section Render
Cement Render Traditional

Using Building Tools & Materials

Measuring & Marking Out
The Retractable Tape
Using the Scientific Calculator
How to Mark Parallel Lines
Other Marking-out Skills
Squaring, Bevelling & Gauging Tools
Adjustable Bevel
Rafter Square
Water Level
String Line Level
String, Chalk Lines & Straightedge
Setting out Profiles

Claw Hammer & Nailing Skills
Screws & Screw Fastening
Masonry Anchors

Cutting, Planing & Jointing
Hand Saws
Portable Power Saw
Portable Plane
Hand Planing
Joints in Timber

Extra Building Know How
Kitchen Cupboard Construction
Building Interior Arches using Gyprock