Trim Carpentry
by Fine Homebuilding

215 x 275mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 978-1-60085-502-3

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Extract from back cover of book:

- Install baseboard
- Trim windows
- Case a door with mitered trim
- Turn corners with beaded casing
- Lay out wainscot paneling

Trim carpentry is an art form that requires attention to minute details, the right tools and a good amount of patience and care. Written by builders from all over the country, this all-new compilation of articles from Fine Homebuilding magazine provides readers with tips, techniques and invaluable advice from some of the best professionals in the industry. From the basics of trim carpentry and crown molding techniques, to trimming windows and doors and installing wainscoting, Trim Carpentry is the ideal how-to guide for builders and ambitious do-it-yourselfers who want pro-level information.

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Units of Measurement: Imperial



Part One - Basics
8 Basic Rules to Master Trim Carpentry
Beautiful Trim from Plywood
Paint-Grade Interior Trim
4 Router Tricks for Trim
Signature Trim Details

Part Two - Baseboard and Crown Molding
Installing Baseboard
Baseboard Done Right
Crown-Molding Fundamentals
Inside Crown Corners
Coping Moldings
The Secret to Coping Crown Molding
Site-Made Moldings in a Pinch

Part Three - Trimming Windows and Doors
Trimming Windows
The Only Way to Trim Exterior Windows
Perfect Miter Joints Every Time
Trim Windows with Built-Up Casings
Trimming a Basement Window
Craftsman-Style Casing
Replace an Old Entry Door
Plumb Perfect Prehung Doors
Troubleshooting a Prehung Door Installation
No-Trim Door Jambs
Case a Door with Mitered Trim
Turning Corners with Beaded Casing

Part Four - Paneling
Add Elegance with Raised-Panel Wainscot
Paint-Grade Wainscot on a Curved Stairwell
Laying Out Wainscot Paneling
Designing with Wainscot
Add Style with Beadboard Wainscot
Wainscot for a Window
a Simple Approach to a Paneled Passageway