3rd Edition
by Myron R. Ferguson

235 x 275mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 978-1-56158-955-5

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Extract from back cover of book:

In this completely revised third edition of the best-selling classic, drywall contractor Myron Ferguson shares the latest information, including an entirely new chapter on sound control and over 100 new photos.

Learn how to:
- Choose the right drywall for the job
- Hang, tape, and finish drywall like the pros
- Work with the new cornerbead products
- Repair damaged walls and ceilings
- Prep drywall for paint and textured finishes

About the Author: Myron Ferguson has over 25 years of experience hanging drywall. He is the author of numerous articles written for trade journals including Fine Homebuilding magazine, Walls and Ceilings, and Journal of Light Construction.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Chapter 1 - Drywall Basics
- Types and Uses of Drywall
- Planning the Job
- Estimating Materials
- Planning Access for Materials

Chapter 2 - Tools and Materials
- Hanging Tools
- Taping Tools and Materials
- Sanding Tools and Materials

Chapter 3 - Hanging Drywall
- Backing Materials
- Measuring and Cutting Drywall
- General Guidelines for Hanging Drywall
- Fastening Drywall
- Hanging Ceilings
- Hanging Walls
- Trim Accessories

Chapter 4 - Taping
- Taping Basics
- Taping Fastener Heads
- Taping Seams
- Taping Inside Corners
- Taping Outside Corners
- Mechanical Taping
- Taping Problems

Chapter 5 - Sanding
- Getting Ready to Sand
- The Sanding Process
- Wet Sanding
- General Cleanup

Chapter 6 - Special Installations
- Off-Angle Corners
- Curved Walls and Barrel Ceilings
- Archways
- Butted Seams
- Butting Drywall to a Different Surface
- Multilayer Applications
- Cement Board
- Control Joints
- Decorating with Drywall

Chapter 7 - Repairs
- Popped Nails and Screws
- Repairing Holes in Drywall
- Remodeling Repairs
- Stress Cracks
- Water Damage
- Water Stains

Chapter 8 - Decorating Drywall
- Painting
- Texturing
- Wall Coverings

Chapter 9 - The Basics of Sound Control
- The Drywaller's Role
- Develop a Plan
- Controlling Noise
- Trouble Spots and Solutions
- Sound Control for Existing Structures