Installing Floors
by Joseph Truini

235 x 275mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 978-1-60085-112-4

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Extract from back cover of book:

Let an expert show you how to:

- Floor with wood and laminate
- Lay a subfloor
- Cut flooring to size
- Set tile and stone
- Lay flooring on steps and around doors
- Install finish materials

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Chapter One - Wide World of Flooring
Wood Flooring
Tile and Stone
Resilient Vinyl

Chapter Two - Unfinshed Oak Strip
Tools and Materials
Prep the Room
Prep the Subfloor
Start Flooring
Continue Flooring
Complete the Installation
Sand and Finish the Floor

Chapter Three - Engineered Wood Planks
Tools and Materials
Ready the Room
Install the Underlayment
Start Flooring
Continue Flooring
Work around Doorways
Finishing Steps

Chapter Four - Traditional Pine-Plank Flooring
Tools and Materials
Site Preparation
Preparing the Boards
Laying the Boards
Flooring around Doorways
Installing Shoe Molding

Chapter Five - Glazed-Porcelain Tile
Tools and Materials
Tear Up the Old Tile Floor
Prepping the Floor
Setting Tile
Grouting the Floor
Finishing Touches

Chapter Six - Marble Tile
Tools and Materials
Take Up the Old Floor
Patch the Subfloor
Install Cement Backerboard
Install a Radiant-Floor Mat
Install the Marble Tile
Grout the Tile
Prep the Closest Flange
Trim Doors to Fit

Chapter Seven - Plastic Laminate Plank
Tools and Materials
Prep the Floor
Start Flooring
Cut Planks to Fit
Fit Planks along End Wall
Install the Last Row
Install Shoe Molding

Chapter Eight - Resilient Sheet Vinyl
Tools and Materials
Prep the Subfloor
Make a Paper Template
Trace the Template onto the Flooring
Cut the Flooring to Size
Lay the Flooring
Seam Two Pieces of Flooring

Chapter Nine - Vinyl Tile
Tools and Materials
Prep the Room
Start Tiling
Cut the Vinyl Tile
Complete the Final Quadrants

Chapter Ten - Bamboo Flooring
Tools and Materials
Prep the Room for Flooring
Lay the Starter Rows
Continue across the Room