How to Build & Repair Fences & Gates
by Rick Kubik

210 x 270mm

Published by Voyageur Press,
St. Paul, MN USA


ISBN 978-0-7603-2774-6

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Extract from back cover of book:

Whether it's meant to keep animals in or out, to mark a boundary, or to provide a little privacy, a proper fence can make the difference between a world of trouble and peace of mind. For every situation, there's a type of fence that might work better than others. Wood posts or steel, electric mesh or barbed wire or rail; this book will help you figure out what kind of fence you need and how to go about building and maintaining it. A writer and adviser on sound farming practices, Rick Kubik offers clear and expert advice on what works best in certain areas and for particluar purposes. His instructions for planning and constructing each variety of fencing takes the guesswork out of a job of critical importance to most landowners, because good fences make good neighbours. How to Build & Repair Fences & Gates, the first and essential tool for anyone thinking of building a fence, spares first-time and seasoned builders alike the wasted time and money of endless repairs and reconstruction.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Chapter 1: Start in the Right Place

Chapter 2: Planning the Fence

Chapter 3: Assessing Whether to Repair or Replace Fences

Chapter 4: Types of Fences

Chapter 5: Tools and Equipment

Chapter 6: Choosing and Installing Fence Posts

Chapter 7: Installling Wire, Boards and Rails

Chapter 8: Fences for Specific Situations

Chapter 9: Fences for Environmental Management

Chapter 10: Removing Fences

Chapter 11: Silicon Fences