Tiling Floors - DVD
with Michael Byrne

Published by Taunton Press, USA
Originally published in VHS format in 1987


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Extract from back cover of book:

Ceramic tile is a versatile and increasingly popular material for all kinds of floors. Michael Byrne demonstrates how to tile a water-tight bathroom floor and prepare a shower pan.

In this DVD, you'll also learn how to:
- Lay out tile
- Apply adhesive
- Cut tile
- Use a border to enhance a layout
- Mix and float mortar
- Incorporate expansion joints
- Shape a shower pan

About the Author: Michael Byrne has been a professional tilesetter for over three decades. He teaches tilesetting seminars and workshops throughout the US. He is also the author of Setting Tile and appears in the DVDs Tiling Countertops and Tiling Walls.

Duration: 65min

DVD - English - NTSC