Installing Trim - DVD
with Criag Savage

Published by Taunton Press, USA
Originally published in VHS format in 1990


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Extract from back cover of book:

Craig Savage demonstrates how to cut the three basic trim joints. You'll learn how to mate pieces of trim precisely and seat moldings solidly. In this DVD you'll also see how to:

- Negotiate unsquare openings
- Make accurate butt and miter joints
- Cope tight-fitting corners
- Extend window and door jambs
- Fit casing around windows and doors
- Scribe-fit baseboard along a wall
- Install crown molding so it stays tight

About the Author: Craig Savage, author of Trim Carpentry Techniques, has been a general building contractor, custom homebuilder, and remodeler for over 25 years.

Duration: 65min

DVD - English - NTSC