Building Fireplace Mantles
Distinctive projects for any style home
by Mario Rodriguez

230 x 275mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 1-56158-385-5

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Simple Colonial Mantle

Georgian Mantle

Simple Federal Mantle

Arts and Crafts Mantle

The Mackintosh Mantle

Victorian Mantle



As reviewed in House & HOME Issue 68

Building Fireplace Mantles shows you how to build mantlepieces and covers a range of architectural styles and periods. Author, Mario Rodriguez, offers a selection of step-by-step projects utilising a broad range of materials, styles and skill levels with detailed drawings and photos clearly showing crucial stages of the construction process.

The project designs range through early American, to a Victorian mantle - adorned with rosettes and bold trim - Arts and Craft, Art Deco, Colonial and Contemporary. Measurements supplied are Imperial but the conversion is simple and the three types of construction material recommended - solid timber, plywood and MDF - are readily available in Australia and New Zealand.

Rodriguez then suggests suitable nails, screws, joints, tools and mouldings (either bought or made) to use. He also offers three methods for fastening the mantle to the wall using lead anchors and screws, masonry screws or construction adhesive, plus tips on how to hide the fasteners.

For a simple project and imitating what Rodriguez calls 'the design of basic shelter - columns supporting a beam and roof', the Federal mantelpiece provides a simple yet attractive flat relief look that frames the fireplace and is easy to build and install. Constructed using plywood, laminated Pine and ready made mouldings, the Federal mantelpiece could be put together and fitted over a weekend.

Those who are looking for a more decorative form will find the Victorian, Georgian, Art Deco and Contemporary mantles more suitable.

The DIY renovator or tradesperson will find Building Fireplace Mantles an informative and useful addition to their bookshelves. If you want a fireplace that will take pride of place in your chosen room, this book will either provide the perfect design or inspire you to create your own.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Mantel-making Basics

Simple Colonial Mantel

Georgian Mantel

Simple Federal Mantel

Arts and Crafts Mantel

The Mackintosh Mantel

Victorian Mantel

Greene and Greene Mantel

Art Deco Mantel

Contemporary Architectural Mantel

Greene and Greene Mantle

Art Deco Mantle

Contemporary Architectural Mantle