Bowl Turning - DVD
with Del Stubbs

Published by Taunton Press, USA
Originally published in VHS format in 1985


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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 127

Released as a DVD in 2003, this footage on bowl turning is actually much older, having been produced as a video in 1985. This explains the omission of various devices, particularly modern scroll chucks and deep hollowing tools, which are commonly used in bowl turning today. Nonetheless Del Stubb's demonstrations provide a good introduction to the basics of bowl turning.

Del divides bowl turning tools into four main groups - flat tools (scrapers), deep cut bowl gouges, shallow gouges and medium cut (lady finger) gouges. He discusses each tool in turn, covering its use, cutting action when turning bowls, advantages and weaknesses, manner in which the tool needs to be held and sharpening (on a bench grinder).

After selecting a blank by cutting it from a log, he turns his first bowl. The emphasis in this first demonstration is cutting technique and he works with all four tool groups at different times.

The turning is mostly done in real time (ie. no sudden jumps in the process) but unlike some DVDs which have a near continuous discourse during the demonstration, there are segments in Bowl Turning when little is said. Del has a very laidback style and progresses at a noticeably slower pace than many latest release DVDs.

The second bowl has a natural rim and a thin wall. There is less discussion of cutting technique and more on bowl design and shaping.

The third demonstration is a small bowl cut in end grain, ie. with the grain parallel to the lathe axis. End grain work reverses the direction of feeding the cutting edge into the wood. Del clearly explains the challenges of end-grain bowl turning.

All three bowls are turned from green wood, though comments are made where there would be a difference in turning a seasoned blank.

The final segment is a discussion on developing bowl shapes.

If you've never turned a bowl and want to start or you would like to improve your technique, you’ll enjoy Bowl Turning with Del Stubbs.

About the Author: Del Stubbs has been a turner and teacher for more than 30 years and turns everything from architectural spindles and classic vases to miniatures and translucently thin bowls.

Duration: 120min

DVD - English - NTSC