Turning Projects

with Richard Raffan

Published by Taunton Press, USA
Originally published in VHS format in 1991


ISBN 9781561587087

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 125

In this DVD Raffan provides a series of projects with which you can practice and improve various turning techniques. Some are suitable for beginners while others will challenge experienced turners. Since they are primarily intended as turning exercises, 'having a go' is more important than the final product. Indeed some of the items are little more than turned nic-nacs, but others have a practical use.

The projects are Spurtles, Mallets, Spindle, Tops, Small Bowl, Sphere, Trivet, Bottle Counter, (small) Hollow Vessel and Beads.

Cutting end grain is specifically addressed in the chapters on the tops, beads, sphere and bowl.

The spindle is very long and particularly fine, with two captive rings. As Raffan suggests, it's probably useless for anything other than bolstering your ego, but it is a challenging exercise to complete - with the spindle intact.

Turning Projects provides a variety of practical turning exercises for a wide range of levels of turning skill. The video format assists to answer the question, 'how do they do that?' in the turning of more complex items.

About the Author: Richard Raffan, internationally acclaimed for his turning and teaching, is the author of Turning Wood, Turning Projects, Turning Boxes, Complete Illustrated Guide to Turning and Turning Bowls.

Duration: 87min

DVD - English - NTSC