A Foundation Course

New Edition inc. DVD Tutorial
by Keith Rowley

210 x 275mm

Published by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd, East Sussex UK


ISBN 978-1-78494-063-8

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Extract from back cover of book:

Keith Rowley's best-selling introduction to the art of woodturning is exceptional for its friendly and methodical approach, building up the reader's skills and confidence by logical and progressive steps. At the heart of Keith's method are the 'Laws of Woodtruning': six easily memorized rules which are fundamental to efficient and safe technique.

This latest edition includes step-by-step instructions for 12 simple and effective projects as well as a comprehensive DVD tutorial presented by Keith. The projects featured in the book and DVD are:
- Goblet
- Apple and Pear
- Your first Bowl
- Platter
- Bar Stool
- Staircase Balusters
- Plinth
- Inlaid Nut Bowl
- Twig Pot
- Pepper Mill
- Table Lamp
- Twist Pen

Both between-centres and faceplate turning are described and illustrated in detail, along with boring, routing and finishing techniques. You will learn about timber selection, and how to choose the right tools and equipment.

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Foreword to the New Edition
Foreword to the First Edition
Preface to the New Edition

Trees and Wood

The Woodturning Lathe & Accessories

Tools of the Trade

On Sharpening

Laws of Woodturning

Turning between Centres

Faceplate Turning


Sanding and Finishing

Boring and Routing on the Lathe

Safety, Design, Courses..

Metric Conversion Table