Alan Lacer's Woodturning Projects & Techniques
by Alan Lacer

210 x 275mm

Published by Popular Woodworking Books, Ohio USA


ISBN 978-1-4403-4095-6

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Game Call

Natural-Edge Bowl

Green Wood Bowl

Lumberyard Bowl

Toothpick Holder

Wine Goblet

Letter Opener &, Butter Knife

Ice Cream Scoop

Wooden Plate

Spinning Top

Classic Wooden Bat




Extract from back cover of book:

Must-know Turning Tools & Techniques

Selected from more than 15 years of articles from one of the countryís top turners, Alan Lacer's Woodturning Projects & Techniques has everything you need to learn to turn and take your lathe skills to the next level.

This book includes an in-depth look at techniques, tools and chucks that will help perfect your core turning skills. Youíll learn the right tools to use, how to handle them safely and how to maintain them. Lacerís expert instruction helps you master the bowl gouge, the spindle-roughing gouge, the skew and other essential turning tools. Youíll also gain insight into finishing techniques, French polishing and working with spalted wood.

Once youíve sharpened your skills with the Tools & Techniques section, put your new knowledge to the test with 20 beautiful projects covering a wide range of turned forms and turning techniques.

- Sharpen your end-grain hollowing skills by turning a lovely wine goblet
- Practice turning spheres by creating your own bocce ball lawn game
- Gain insight into making multiples by turning matching table legs
- Turn a table lamp to practice flowing contours
- Learn how to work with green wood by making a natural-edge bowl
- And much more!

Complete with expert instruction, step-by-step photos, guides to sources and materials and tips for avoiding common pitfalls, this book is sure to help you improve your turning craft - and make some stunning pieces in the process.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Tools & Techniques
Chapter One - Bowl Gouge
Chapter Two - Bowl Gouge Sharpening
Chapter Three - The Spindle Roughing Gouge
Chapter Four - Detail/Spindle Gouge
Chapter Five - Rockiní & Rolliní with the Skew
Chapter Six - Reshaping the Skew Chisel
Chapter Seven - Skew Planing
Chapter Eight - Woodturning Scrapers
Chapter Nine - Chucks & Chucking
Chapter Ten - The Trapped Reverse Chuck
Chapter Eleven - The Ultimate Lathe Stand
Chapter Twelve - Eye-Catching Finishes for Small Projects
Chapter Thirteen - Spalted Wood
Chapter Fourteen - French Polishing

Chapter Fifteen - Game Call
Chapter Sixteen - Natural-Edge Bowl
Chapter Seventeen - Green Wood Bowl
Chapter Eightteen - Lumberyard Bowl
Chapter Nineteen - Toothpick Holder
Chapter Twenty - Wine Goblet
Chapter Twenty One - Letter Opener &, Butter Knife
Chapter Twenty Two - Ice Cream Scoop
Chapter Twenty Three - Wooden Plate
Chapter Twenty Four - Spinning Top
Chapter Twenty Five - Classic Wooden Bat
Chapter Twenty Six - Wooden Fishing Lures
Chapter Twenty Seven - Bocce Balls
Chapter Twenty Eight - Heirloom Awl
Chapter Twenty Nine - Lidded Box
Chapter Thirty - Lowrider Box
Chapter Thirty One - Reading Glasses Case
Chapter Thirty Two - 4-in-1 Screwdriver
Chapter Thirty Three - Handles for Turning Tools
Chapter Thirty Four - Three-Legged Stool
Chapter Thirty Five - Table Lamp
Chapter Thirty Six - Table Legs
Chapter Thirty Seven - Door Knobs
Chapter Thirty Eight - Door Stop
Chapter Thirty Nine - Christmas Omaments
Chapter Forty - Christmas Trees

Wooden Fishing Lures

Bocce Balls

Heirloom Awl

Lidded Box

Lowrider Box

Reading Glasses Case

4-in-1 Screwdriver



Handles for Turning Tools

Three-Legged Stool

Table Lamp

Table Legs

Door Knobs

Door Stop

Christmas Omaments

Christmas Trees