A Lesson Plan for Wood Turning
Step-by-Step Instructions for Mastering Woodturning Fundamentals
by James Rodgers

215 x 280mm

Published by Linden Publishing, Fresno, CA, USA


ISBN 978-1-61035-181-2

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 184

While no one would advise the tyro to undertake their own education in the craft, purely through experience, it is eminently possible to learn woodturning without ever going to a class. A legion of mostly self-taught woodturners is ample proof of that.

But the lack of attendance at one or other institute of formal learning must be replaced with the ordered acquisition of knowledge from other sources, if progress is to be maintained and the objective of becoming truly competent is to be achieved.

The author's avowed purpose in writing this book was to perform this necessary function in the development of his readers’ skills as woodturners.

The cover notes reveal that James Rodgers was the founder of the Mount Diablo Woodturning Centre (Pleasant Hill, California), where he has been teaching woodturning for more than a decade.

The book is divided into a series of lessons - a planned course of instruction that is nevertheless easy to read as it flows seamlessly from topic to topic.

After some brief comments on preparation, Chapter 1 deals with Turning Between Centres. This allows the author to introduce several woodturning tools. He describes each of them, talks about their use and then sets out instructions for actually using them to perform specific work.

This combination of providing information, then expanding upon this information and finally, directing the reader in the acquisition of relevant skill, is maintained throughout the book.

The chapter titles outline the contents of the Lesson Plan: Turning Between Centres, Keeping your Tools Sharp, Your First Projects, Introduction to Faceplate Turning, Turning Your First Bowl, Turning Your First Platter, Working with Green Wood, Turning a Natural Edge Bowl, End Grain Turning, End Grain Boxes - Making Things Fit, Completing Your Projects and finally, Where to Go Next.

There are short appendices about safety, a glossary of terms and materials lists for the 8 projects.

The book should appeal to novices and to those who have already gained some knowledge and skill but wish to hasten their development as woodturners.

About the Author - The founder of the Mount Diablo Woodturning Center, Iim Rodgers is a professional educator who has been teaching woodturning for over a decade. Jim is also a member of the Bay Area Woodturners, American Craft Council, and American Association of Woodturners.

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Preparing for Woodturning Activities

1 - Getting Started - Turning Between Centers
2 - Keeping Your Tools Sharp
3 - Your First Projects
4 - Introduction to Faceplate Turning
5 - Turning Your First Bowl
6 - Turning Your First Platter
7 - Working with Green Wood
8 - Turning a Natural Edge Bowl
9 - End Grain Turning
10 - End Grain Boxes - Making Things Fit
11 - Completing Your Projects
12 - Where to Go Next

Appendix I: Additional Projects
Appendix ll: Lathe Maintenance
Appendix III:Additional References