Turning Techniques & Projects
from the Editors of
Fine Woodworking

215 x 275mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 978-1-62113-798-6

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 179

This book is a compilation of re-edited articles which previously appeared in Fine Woodworking magazine.

The value of compilations such as this lies in the diversity of views presented by a variety of authors. Also, the focus of the individual articles generally differs from that which is normally taken in a book written by a single author.

Magazine articles tend to direct the reader's attention towards a particular point - the solution of a problem, perhaps, or the exploration of a specific area of interest.

The first article/chapter is, for example, a discourse on the subject of Skew Chisels by the internationally respected Australian woodturner, Richard Raffan. It's a topic that will be of interest to many woodturners since even those who are otherwise experienced, may confess to some difficulty in avoiding dig-ins when using the skew.

In the second and third chapters, famous American 'turner, Ernie Conover, discusses the use of Scrapers and Gouges. The first section on Tools is then rounded out by articles on Four Jaw Chucks and Sharpening Gouges.

The second section deals with Techniques; it covers such topics as Turning Furniture Parts, Duplicating Spindles by Hand, Tips for Hollowing End Grain, Faceplate Turning, Secrets of Segmented Turning and Four Finishes for Turnings.

The remainder of the book (some 65 pages) is devoted to projects, though only two of these, the Barley Twist Candlestick and Pens, could be considered as complete in their own right. The others are parts - important parts - of furniture; ones with which a woodturner might be helped by anotherís insight.

These include Turned Drawer Pulls, Authentic Shaker Knobs, Hollow Vessels, Turned Wooden Boxes, Pad-Foot and Sheraton Legs. There is also an article on Turning Green Wood.

This book is clearly intended for woodworkers at every level - novice, intermediate or experienced - who want to add to their knowledge and further develop their skills.

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Units of Measurement: Imperial



Part One - Tools
- Skew Chisels
- Scrapers
- Gouges
- Four - Jaw Chucks
- Sharpening Gouges

Part Two - Techniques
- Turning Furniture Parts
- Learn to Turn Spindles
- Duplicate Spindles by Hand
- Tips for Hollowing End Grain
- Go Beyond the Lathe for Beautiful Vessels
- Faceplate Turning Is Fun
- Secrets of Segmented Turning
- Making Split Turnings
- Fixing Turning Mistakes
- Colorize Your Turnings
- Four Finishes for Turnings

Part Three - Projects
- Turned Drawer Pulls
- Authentic Shaker Knobs
- Pens Make Great Gifts
- Get a Handle on Your Chisels
- Turn a Hollow Vessel
- Turning Bowls from Green Wood
- Turning Wooden Boxes
- A Turned Lid from Contrasting Woods
- Turn a Pad-Foot Leg
- Barley-Twist Candlesticks
- Secret to a Sheraton Leg? Divide and Conquer
- Turn a Classic Floor Lamp

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