A Master's Course in Woodturning Series 2
Intermediate Level
Episode 7

with Eli Avisera

Published by KTMP, UK


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Extract from back cover of dvd:

In this, the final film for the Intermediate Level of tuition, we have two projects: 1. The Emboque Game. This project shows a simple method to achieve a perfect sphere along with a refresher on spindle turning. 2. The Christmas Tree. This chapter demonstrates what can be achieved with good skew chisel control. The DVD concludes the series with a look at Eli's home collection and the Series Final Interview, filmed on top of Eli's house in Jerusalem. This is the twelfth film in Eli's series of expert tuition in woodturning. It is intended primarily to introduce you to his unique range of tools, how they are intended to be used and how to keep them sharp! Starting at Beginner's Level, we will take you through a full course in woodturning; covering Intermediate Level and finally culminating with the series at Expert Level.

About the Author - Eli Avisera: A Potted History
Eli Avisera was born in 1960, grew up, studied and lives in Jerusalem. Between 1973-1977 Eli studied at the School of Wood Art in Jerusalem. Since then, he has been a professional woodworker. Eli is an international woodturning demonstrator and teacher. Invited to many countries to show his unique variety of techniques; Eli uses a line of his own signature tools (manufactured by Hamlet Tools in Sheffield England). These unique tools have been developed by drawing on over 30 years of experience in woodturning. In 1988 Eli established the "Wood Craft Center" in Jerusalem where he teaches workshops for furniture building, wood carving and wood turning at all skill levels. To date: Eli has taught hundreds of students and has been instrumental in promoting the art worldwide . Eli is regarded as one of the world's leading wood art masters and his creations are exhibited in many exhibitions globally.

Duration: 85min

DVD - English