All Glued Up - DVD
A Study in Open Segment Turning
with Sue Harker RPT

Published by KTMP, UK


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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 142

When Sue Harker bought her husband a lathe for his birthday, she didn't imagine that less than a decade later she would author her own woodturning video.

What began as merely a social interest in the club in which her husband was involved led to her not only taking up woodturning, but to buying her own lathe and eventually becoming a sought after demonstrator of her current specialty - Open Segment Turning.

Having become interested in this particular form of woodturning, she looked for ways to make it easier and developed the Open Segment Wheels which are featured in this two DVD presentation.

The wheels consist of a disk on which are drawn concentric circles with radial spacer cleats to separate the individual segments.

Sue shows how the project is prepared, the way in which segments are marked up for cutting on a bandsaw and the manner in which they are glued up on a Wheel - first to each other and then to the blanks for the rest of the peice.

Sue uses three projects to demonstrate the technique - a Vase, a Bowl and a Pot - varying the method in which the segmented section is constructed so as to show some of the variety that is possible.

The shapes are pleasing, the open segment work is generally attractive and the end result well worth the effort involved.

The video is well lit and the presentation is quite detailed with many ultra-close-up shots that put the viewer right on top of the working tool. In fact, the only criticism that could be is that there may be a little too much detail for some.

Most viewers, however, will probably appreciate the chance to follow the exact movements of the turning tool - particularly those for whom videos such as these are a means of replacing or at least supplementing formal instruction.

Sue Harker is a capable presenter with an amusing and informal style. While it never affected the actual presentation itself, her Midlands accent proved occasionally difficult for this reviewer to decipher when she engaged in asides with the person behind the camera.

In the Out Takes at the end of the video, Sue Harker confesses that she was very nervous at the start of the shoot and perhaps the asides were the producer's way of making her more at ease. If so, they certainly worked for the whole tenor of the video is as relaxed as an afternoon’s demo at a local Club.

For those who wish to follow Sue Harker's method of doing open segment turning but who do not wish to make their own disks, these are now available from her on-line shop on here website:

Duration: 320min

DVD - English