The Woodturner's FAQ Book
by Fred Holder

215 x 280mm

Published by Stobart Davies, UK


ISBN 978-085442175-6

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Extract from back cover of book:

Designed to answer every question on a beginning woodturner's mind, The Woodturner's FAQ Book is the perfect reference and introduction to the enjoyable hobby of woodturning. Through twelve detailed chapters, author Fred Holder carefully addresses basic concerns such as:
- What lathe do I need?
- Where do I get my wood?
- How do I turn a spindle?
- How do I turn a bowl
- And much more...

Based on the most commonly voiced questions and concerns the author has encountered during his years of giving demonstrations, the book's handy Q&A format allows the reader to quickly locate items of specific interest.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial & Metric



Part 1: What Do I Need To Turn Wood

FAQ 1: Equipment for Woodturning
FAQ 2: Choosing Your Lathe
FAQ 3: Turning Tools
FAQ 4: Sharpening
FAQ 5: Wood

Part 2: What Do I Turn?

FAQ 6: Spindle Turning
FAQ 7: Bowl Turning
FAQ 8: Spheres
FAQ 9: Hollow Vessels
FAQ 10: Small Projects
FAQ 11: Decorative Effects
FAQ 12: Finishing

Appendix A: Woodturning Books
Appendix B: Woodturning Magazines
Appendix C: Woods for Turning
Appendix D: Woodturning Terms
Appendix E: Getting Started