A Turner's Guide to Veneer Inlays
by Ron Hampton

215 x 280mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 0-7643-1611-7

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 141

Veneering is a little used technique for the decoration of wood turned items. Yet as Ron Hampton shows in A Turner's Guide to Veneer Inlays, it is not particularly difficult and the results can be extremely attractive.

The author begins by pointing out that the technique is not limited to applying veneer to the flat top of a box.

In fact, while the book deals with this particular application, it also describes three others: inlaying a veneer into the bottom of a bowl or platter, Inlaying a strip of veneer around the top of a bowl and Inlaying a circular or oval veneer into a tall round vase.

The first project is a Round Box with a Rose Inlay. Instructions are given for the turning of the box from laminated stock, the cutting of the circular rebate and the gluing in of the proprietary veneer assembly (similar veneer assemblies are available from many woodworking outlets and suppliers such as Hardware for Creative Finishes).

The second project is inserting an Oval Inlay into a Platter. The oval is placed in the centre of the platter and part of the rebate cut on the lathe. A handheld trimmer router is used for the rest.

In the chapter on Banding a Beautiful Bowl Rim, the author again describes the making of the bowl before showing how to cut a rebate and fit a band of veneer to the rim.

The remaining chapters deal with Adding a Wood Base & Rim to a Glass Vase and Inlaying a Flat Oval Veneer into (the side of) a Round Vase.

The text is accompanied by more than 300 photos. It is disappointing that a few of these are not up to the same standard as the rest, but this should not diminish the usefulness of the book to woodturners who wish to employ veneers in the decoration of their work.

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Requirements of Turning Shapes for the Veneer

Inlays and Tools Needed

Practice Cuts

A Round Box with a Rose Inlay

Oval Inlay into a Platter

Banding a Beautiful Bowl Rim

Mixing Glass and Wood: Adding a Wood Base & Rim to a Glass Vase

Inlaying a Flat Oval Veneer into a Round Base