The Complete Rocking-Horse Maker
Fourteen easy-to-follow projects
by Anthony Dew

215 x 295mm

Published by The Rocking Horse Shop Ltd, Fangfoss, York, England


ISBN 0-9545388-0-3

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Extract from back cover of book:

You can make a real rocking horse!

Projects to suit all abilities from simple hobby horses to carved Victorian style beauties.

Photos: Black & White and Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial and Metric


- Origins of the Rocking Horse
- About this book
- Can I do it?

Chapter 1 - Getting Started, Timber & Tools
- Making patterns
- Timber, tools & equipment
- How to approach carving

Chapter 2 - Hobby Horses
- Four simple hobby horse projects to get you going

Chapter 3 - Chair Horse
- A delightful & easy to make rocker for the very young (the rider, not the maker)

Chapter 4 - Toddler's Rocking Horse
- Seventeenth Century slab sided horse. The simplest design with cut-out head, also a carved head option

Chapter 5 - The Swinger Rocking Horse
- Easy-to-make rocking horse on proper swing iron stand. Simple method with cutout head, also carved head version

Chapter 6 - Little Red Rocker
- A great little rocker! Straightforward construction set off by carved head and upper body.

Chapter 7 - Miniature Traditional Carved Rocking Horse
- Twelfth scale carved traditional rocking horse.

Chapter 8 - Half Size Traditional Carved Rocking Horse
- A proper fully carved Victorian style rocking horse made just like the full size ones, for dolls to ride.

Chapter 9 - Small Traditional Carved Rocking Horse
- Fully carved Victorian style rocking horse for children aged up to about 5 years.

Chapter 10 - Medium & Large Traditional Carved Rocking Horses
- Fully carved traditional Victorian style rocking horses for children of any age. The real thing & you can make it!

Chapter 11 - Stands
- How to make swing iron safety stands for Half Size, Small, Medium R Large carved rocking horses.

Chapter 12 - Bow Rockers
- How to make traditional bow rockers for Half Size, Small & Medium carved rocking horses