Making Rocking Horses 2- DVD
How to make your own laminated 'Rocky' and 'Little Rocky' Rocking Horse.
A complete visual guide for home woodworkers.

by Anthony Dew

Published by The Rocking Horse Shop Ltd, Fangfoss, York, England


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Extract from back cover of DVD:

'Little Rocky' is an excellent weekend project for makers new to the craft, and an ideal first rocker for small children.

The Medium (or Large) 'Rocky' is a splendid fully carved rocking horse for riders of any age. Every stage of the making process, including carving, finishing and tacking up, is demonstrated and explained.

The DVD also includes 17 minutes of additional material showing how to sharpen chisels and carving gouges, introducing The Rocking Horse Shop, and a feature about the World's first rocking horse.

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Duration: 83min

DVD - English - PAL