Build Your Own Inexpensive Dollhouse
With One Sheet of 4' x 8' Plywood and Home Tools
by E.J. Tangerman

210 x 280mm

Published by Dover Publications Inc, NY, USA


ISBN 0-486-23493-2

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Extract from back cover of book:

Anyone, even a novice woodworker or a child with adult supervision, can build this spacious dollhouse. All it takes is six basic tools (a folding rule, square, saber saw, rasp, sander and hammer) and a single sheet of 4' x 8' plywood. The finished two-storey model measures 36 1/2" x 26" (scale 1" to 1') and boasts six rooms, plus a staircase, windows, shutters and a front door.

The easy-to-follow instructions offer advice on purchasing the appropriate kind of plywood and trimmings and explain exactly how to cut and assemble the pieces. Helpful tips include suggestions on sanding, which pieces to nail first, constructing the roof, and finishing the project with paint or siding.

The basic house design is simple, so builders have ample room to refine the house to suit their own preferences. Dozens of diagrams and instructions show how to add optional touches such as dormers, windowpanes, a fireplace, flower boxes and much more. All instructions are clarified by illustrations - over 40 diagrams and photographs appear throughout the book, showing the dollshouse in various stages of completition.

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Units of Measurement: Imperial



The Bill depends upon the Bill of Materials

Six Tools are all you need

All major parts come from one plywood sheet

Assembling the House

The Roof and the Chimneys are easy

Dormers open the Attic and dress the Roof

The House front and the Windows

Doors to suit, inside and out

The Stair is one notched piece

Corners, Fireplace, Flower Box, Shutters