The Art & Craft of Pyrography
Drawing with Fire on Leather, Gourds, Cloth, Paper and Wood
by Lora S. Irish

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-478-9

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Extract from back cover of book:

Create Beautiful Artwork Burning on a Variety of Natural Surfaces

Although it is often referred to as woodburning, the art of pyrography can be worked on just about any natural surface, including gourds, leather, or cotton rag paper. Lora S. Irish, author of the bestselling Great Book of Woodburning, offers more than forty amazingly detailed new projects that explore the craft of pyrography across a full range of inventive media.

Also included are tips and techniques on creating tonal values, understanding shadows, adding color to your burnings, and finishing your work. Each fascinating project has complete instructions plus photographs of both the finished piece and the work-in-progress across pale, medium, dark, and detailed stages.

Inside The Art & Craft of Pyrography, you'll learn about:
- The basics of pyrography systems
- Tools, supplies, and practice boards
- The differences between the various substrates
- Temperature settings and hand positions
- Textures, fill and stroke patterns, and much more

This book uses wire nib pyrography machine.

Photos - Colour


Part One: Basic Supplies
Basic Supply List
Pyrography Systems
- One-temperature tools
- Variable-temperature burners
Pyrography Tips
General Supplies

Part Two: Practice Boards
Creating a Wood Practice Board
- Temperature settings
- Three common fill patterns
- Hand positions
- Tool tips
- Common texture and stroke patterns

Part Three: Surfaces & Projects
Vegetable-Tanned Leather
- Step-by-Step Project: Civil War Generals
- Horse Portrait Practice Board
- Blue Jay Mill
- Duck Pond Farm
Dried Gourds
- Southwest Birdhouse Practice Board
- Step-by-step Project: Floral Birdhouse
- Fabric paints
- Whimsical Farm Scene Birdhouse
- Posies Cachepot
- Pinecone Bird Feeder
- Native American Bead Rattle
- Step-by-step Project: Steampunk Photo Frame
- Daylily Cork Board
Coloring suggestions
- Step-by-step Project: Sunflower Yarn Caddy
Artist Paper
- Practice Design
- Step-by-step Project: Home Sweet Home Paper Burning
Cotton Fabric and Canvas
- Step-by-step Project: Vampire Sleep Shirt
- Wood Differences
- Wood Practice Board Project: Bengal Tiger
- Step-by-step Project: Steampunk Dragonfly
- Adding color

Part Four: Project Patterns
- Olson's Dairy Truck Pattern
- Griffin Pattern
- Horse's Head Practice Board Pattern
- Grocery Bag Practice Board Pattern
- Civil War Generals Pattern
- Civil War Generals Shaded Drawing
- Blue Jay Mill Pattern
- Duck Pond Farm Pattern
- Bears Patterns
- Totem Pole Pattern 1
- Totem Pole Pattern 2
- Southwest Birdhouse Gourd Practice Board Patterns
- Whimsical Farm Scene Pattern
- Floral Birdhouse Pattern
- Posies Cache Pot Pattern
- Pinecone Bird Feeder Pattern
- Native American Bead Rattle Patterns
- Santa Bear & Elf Ornament Patterns
- Steampunk Photo Frame Pattern
- Steampunk Extra Gears Patterns
- Daylily Cork Board Pattern
- Sunflower Yarn Caddy
- Home Sweet Home Pattern
- Paper Dragon Pattern
- Valentine Girl Make-up Bag Pattern
- Mushroom Pattern
- Butterfly Pattern
- Peas Pattern
- Pumpkin Pattern
- Carrots Pattern
- Steampunk Butterfly Pattern
- Vampire Sleep Shirt Pattern
- Christmas Lamb and Sheltie Pattern
- Griffin Eagle Pattern
- Bengal Tiger Pattern