Woodburning with Style
by Simon Easton

215 x 280mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-443-7

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Basic Coasters for Beginners

Decorative Key Rings

Hanging Wall Clock

Landscape Artwork

Textured Key Ring


As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 153

It is only necessary to glance at the three pages devoted to nib shapes in this book to realise how the craft of pyrography has changed over the past few years.

Pyrography is - and will always remain - an artform. But the craft that gives rise to this art has developed in a manner that is sure to encourage many who might have previously thought it too difficult to achieve worthwhile results.

This book is clearly aimed at ensuring that aspirants are given the knowledge and guidance they need to embark upon their personal journey in pyrography.

Woodburning with Style begins with a short introduction describing the equipment and materials commonly used.

Chapter 1 deals with Simple Mark Making showing the kind of work that can be performed with the 'four essential nib shapes'. There is also a page on troubleshooting for those who may have difficulty achieving the marks shown in the illustrations relevant to each nib.

The second Chapter explores Basic Decoration Techniques and the third, the subject of Silhouettes.

In Chapter 4, the author introduces the notion of Drawing with Fire - freehand sketching using a pyrographic pen.

The next three chapters provide the information necessary for the reader to refine the techniques that are used when 'Drawing with Fire' - the creation of textures and patterns, the formation of lettering and the drawing of portraits.

In addition to the instructional material, the book contains projects designed to test the developing skills of the reader.

These include Decorative Key Rings, a Hanging Wall Clock, Landscape Artwork, a Door Sign, Tattoo Bracelets and a Patterned Border Plate.

Woodburning with Style is easy to read and well illustrated. The layout and content of the book show that it is intended as a comprehensive course in pyrography but any of the hints and tips it contains would be of value even to those who are reasonably experienced in the craft.

This book uses wire nib pyrography machine.

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About the Author

Getting Started

Chapter 1: Simple Mark Making
PROJECT 1: Basic Coasters for Beginners

Chapter 2: Basic Decoration Techniques
PROJECT 2: Decorative Key Rings

Chapter 3: Silhouettes
PROJECT 3: Hanging Wall Clock

Chapter 4: Drawing with Fire
PROJECT 4: Landscape Artwork

Chapter 5: Texture and Pattern
PROJECT 5: Textured Key Ring

Chapter 6: Lettering
PROJECT 6: Door Sign

Chapter 7: Portraits
PROJECT 7: Pet Portrait Plaque

Chapter 8: Ideas and Inspiration
PROJECT 8A: Tattoo Bracelets
PROJECT 8B: Celtic Patterned Border Plate

Appendix A: Wood for Pyrography
Appendix B: Texture & Pattern Samples

Door Sign

Pet Portrait Plaque


Tattoo Bracelets

Celtic Patterned Border Plate