The Accurate Router
Quick Setups and Simple Jigs
by Ian Kirby

155 x 230mm

Published by Cambium Press, Bethel, CT, USA


ISBN 096439997-0

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Extract from back cover of book:

Here is a comprehensive guide to the router, today's most popular woodworking machine. Master craftsman Ian Kirby's practical, shop-tested approach does away with complicated, expensive and time-consuming gadgets. Instead, Kirby shows you how to guide the router with simple blocks and clamps. His down-to-earth approach equips you to get the job done with stunning accuracy and minimum fuss, every time.

You will learn:
- How to build a superb bench-top router table
- How to choose the right router for the work you do
- How to build simple, inexpensive and accurate jigs
- How to choose one of the seven basic guide methods for each routlng task
- How to shape moldings for furniture and interior trim
- How to rout excellent joints, including rebates, housings, miters, mortise and tenon, loose tenon, bridle, dado, and dovetails.

Includes a complete and invaluable catalog of setups that shows you the best way to approach every router operation.

About the Author - Master woodworker Ian Kirby was trained in the British Arts-and-Crafts tradition, and now builds furniture and teaches at his studios in Connecticut. He is a frequent contributor to American Woodworker magazine; this is his seventh book.

Illustrations: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Introduction to Safety

1. What Routers Do
It's a shaping tool
What routers do best
What routers don't do best
Routers constantly improve

2. Choosing a Router
Two kinds of router
Electrical controls
Router base
Rule of thumb: Pull the plug
Fixed base
Base guide
Base plate
Plunge base and controls
Dust, chips and operator safety
Setting up your new router

3. Router Bits
Guiding the bit
Shank diameter
Bit material
Edge profile
Edge geometry
Number of cutting edges
Cutting angle
Flute depth
Sharpening router bits
Cleaning bits and collets
Locking the bit in the collet

4. Router Table
Router table size
Supporting the router table
Top material
Mounting the router
Fences for the router table
Setting the split fence
Miter sled
Dust and chip exhaust
Safety guard

5. The Keys to Accuracy
Measuring and marking tools
Checking dimensional accuracy
Dial caliper
Tape measure
Checking angular accuracy
Sliding bevel and protractor
Checking surface regularity
Straight edge
Winding sticks
Preparation of stock

6. Guiding the Router
Fence, Guide, Cut Circle, Offset
Setup and guide method
Two basic setups
- Risk and certainty
Seven guide systems:
1. Fence attached to workpiece
2. Base guide attached to router
3. Pilot on router bit
4. Guide Collar on router base Routing for inlays
5. One-part fence on router table
6. Two-part fence on router table
7. Pilot on router bit on table

7. The Chips Fly
Don't cut the cord
The operator
The machine
The workpiece
The chips fly
- Stability
- Cutting volume
- Feed direction
- Rate of feed

8. Six Jig-Making Principles

9. Making and Using Router Jigs
Five basic jigs
- Clever setups are fun
Jig-making materials
Joining jig parts
A square connection
T-Square jig for housings (dados)
Pocket jig
- Pocket jig for showcase joint
Saddle jig routs tenons
- Making the saddle jig
- Loading the saddle jig
- Slick tricks
- Routing tenons with saddle jig
Bracket jig
- Loading the bracket jig
- Mortise the workpiece face
- End-mortising with bracket jig
Sled jig for straightening edge
- Sled jig for curved parts
- Sled with right-angle fence
- Sled with miter fence
- Sled for box joints

10. Catalog of Router Setups
Straighten an edge:
- Fence on top
- Fence underneath
- Shank-mounted bearing
- Template and guide collar
- Router table with split fence
- Router table with sled jig
- Trim veneers
- Trim veneers: router table
- Trim the edge of a circle
- Trim lippings and edgings
- Trim lippings: router table
- Flatten a slab
- Trim a miter
Molding the full edge
- Fence on workpiece
- Router table, split fence
- Molding narrow sticks
- Mold the full edge, then rip
Rebates and moldings:
- Fence on top
- Base guide
- Pilot bearing
- Router table with fence
- Router table, pilot bearing
- Multiple passes
- Straight bit
- Slot cutter
- Straight bit, router table
- Slot cutter, router table
- In end: router table, high fence
- In end: router table, sled jig
- In mitered end
- Contoured grooves
Housings (dados):
- T-square jig
- Step and repeat
- Wider than bit diameter
Edge joints:
- Tongue and groove
- Spline and groove
- Tongue and groove with molding
Frame joints:
- Mortise in edge or in end
- Mortise in square stock
- Tenons with saddle jig
- Loose tenons on router table
- Corner bridle
- Dowels
- Three-way showcase corner
Carcase joints:
- Dovetail
- Finger or box
- Corner tongue and groove
Raised and fielded panels:
- Router on top
- Router table, high fence
- Router table, pilot bearing
Pattern-rout parts:
- Template on top
- Router table
- Router table, sled jig
Arch-top frame-and-panel doors