Router Jigs & Templates
by Anthony Bailey

210 x 275mm

Published by Guild of Master Craftsman Publications Ltd, East Sussex UK


ISBN 978-1-86108-888-8

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 165

No one who has ever used a router is left in doubt of the capability of these powerful tools. But it doesn't take long to realise that to extract the greatest versatility from a router, it is necessary to give some thought to the use of accessories which can expand its application.

Anthony Bailey begins his book with several short chapters which cover subjects such as Selecting a Router, Choosing the Right Cutter, Common Problems Setting up a Router and Freehand versus Table Routing.

There are also careful notes on safety issues such as Personal Protection and Good Working Practice. Another short chapter titled Improving Accuracy is essentially a collection of tips borne of the authorís experience in using a router and making accessories.

The second section of the book contains 20 jigs and templates, prefaced by a general guide to their construction.

Bailey divides his jigs and templates into two categories - basic and complex.

Among those he describes as basic are a simple Housing Jig, a Mortise Jig and a Hinge Jig. There are also jigs for cutting Handgrip Holes and Keyholes as well as one to rout an ellipse.

The complex jigs and templates include Lock Jigs, Jigs for making Arcs as well as Jigs for making Frieze and Dentil Moulding. There is also a Tunnel Jig (in which both the cutter and the workpiece are effectively contained in a 'tunnel' which adds substantially to the safety of the procedure).

There is, of course, a Tenon Jig, as well as a self-centering Mortise Box, but perhaps less expected, there are a shop made Routerlathe and a Finger Jointing Table.

The final section of the book is devoted to Projects for the Home. These include a Trinket Box, Dollís House. Coffee Table, Roller Front Breadbin, Chess Board, Picture Frames and a Dovetail Drawer.

The investment in a good quality router and a reasonable selection of cutters is often quite substantial. It is clearly the intention of the author to offer a quick way of making the best of this investment.

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Units of Measurement: Metric



Router Basics
- Selecting a router
- Aftermarket accessories
- Choosing the right cutters
- Personal protection equipment (PPE) and workshop safety
- Good working practice
- Common problems setting up a router
- Freehand versus table routing
- Good table setup
- Improving accuracy

Jigs & Templates
- An introduction to jigs and templates
- Identifying the need for a jig or template
- A guide to jigmaking

10 basic jigs & templates
- Housing jig
Mortise jig
- Drilling jig
- Hinge jig
- Handgrip hole
- Keyhole jig
- Ellipse template
- Inboard trammel jig
- Guided machining jig
- End-grain L-jig

10 complex jigs & templates
- Lock jigs
- Arcs and arcs jig
- Routing frieze and dentil mouldings
- Tunnel jig
- Routerlathe
- Mortise box
- Tenon jig
- Large router trammel
- Finger jointing table

Projects for the Home
- Trinket box
- Surface decoration
- Dolls' house
- Coffee table
- Roller-front breadbin
- Raised and fielded panel templates
- Chess and draughts board
- Picture and photo frames
- Dovetail drawer

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