Projects for your Shop
Building Your Own Workshop Essentials
by Matthew Teague

215 x 275mm

Published by Taunton Press Inc, CT USA


ISBN 1-56158-689-7

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Tablesaw Workstation

Crosscut box

Router Table

Case of Drawers

A Better Pegboard



Extract from back cover of book:

Need a shop to build a shop?

Don't struggle with make-shift shop equipment when you can create your own. Now you have the guidance of an expert woodworker to help you build shop basics you'll use for years to come. Step-by-step instructions, photos and detailed plans show you how to construct a rock solid workbench, full-featured tool workstations, tool storage units and much more.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Tools and Materials
Hand Tools
- Marking and measuring tools
- Handplanes
- Chisels
Handheld power tools
- Drill/drivers
- Routers
- Circular saw
- Other tools
Stationary machines
- Wood
- Other materials

Buying materials
Cut the legs to length
Cut the legs to accept the top
Assemble the top
Attach the legs to the subtop
Cut and install end braces
Add 2x4 stretchers
Install a shelf

Buying materials
Building the base
Cut the legs and stretchers to length
Biscuit the legs and stretchers
Countersink and drill holes in the legs
Drill holes for bench bolts in the stretchers
Assemble the ends
Connect the ends
Install a shelf
The benchtop
Installing a vise
Secure the vise to the bench
Mortise the front skirt
Attach the skirts
Add a wooden jaw
Plane the skirts flush
Drilling the dog holes
Attaching the top and choosing a finish
Bench stop
Bench dogs

Tablesaw Workstation
Buying materials
- Cut the parts to size
- Cut the joinery for the case
- Cut the joinery for the shelf and divider
- Dry-fit the whole assembly and glue it up
Fold-up outfeed table
- Hinge the table to the brace
- Cut the miter slots
- Attach the outfeed assembly to the base
- Cut and install the outfeed braces
- Drawers for storage and dust collection
- Cut the joinery and glue it up
- The polishing touches
Crosscut box
- Attach the runners to the bed
- Attach the rear fence
- Attach the front fence

Router Table
Buying Materials
Shopmade Router Table
- Building the base
- Size the plywood
- Assemble the base
- Attach the casters
- Trimming the case
- Finishing touches
- Building the top
- Trim the top
- Make a cutout to accommodate the top
- Rout a ledge to hold the router
- Attach the router to the insert and the top to the base
- Building the fence
- Building the drawers

Case of Drawers
- Building the box
- Cut the joinery
- Cut grooves to accept the drawers
- Assemble the case
- Building the drawers
- Drill for pulls and build the drawers
- Install the case of drawers
Two-Door Storage Cabinet
- Building the basic case
- Drilling holes and making shelf pins
- Adding a face frame and doors
- Adding the finishing touches
A Better Pegboard
- Determining your needs
- Adding a shelf for handplanes
- Making a chisel holder
- Adding a framing square
- Hanging tools using magnets
- Dowels make quick pegs
Simple Clamp Rack
Lumber Rack