Mastering the Miter Saw -
Part 1 & 2

A DVD workshop in trim carpentry
with Gary Katz

Published by OnSite Productions


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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 125
(When reviewed these DVDs were available seperately. They are now sold together in one package)

The drop, mitre, compound mitre and sliding compound mitre belong to the one family of saws and the information in Gary Katz's Mastering the Mitre Saw DVDs is relevant to all four types, particularly the compound models.

These DVDs (Parts 1 and 2) are not videos transferred to DVD, but rather a multimedia presentation specifically produced to make the most use of the DVD format. The conventional DVD format with selectable chapters is supplemented by a slide show (ie, still photographs) presentations with a running commentary (voice over) plus print format PDF articles that can be printed from your computer.

The mitre saw was designed as a site tool for joinery, but it has also become a very useful saw in small to medium workshops, largely replacing other forms of overhead saw such as the radial arm. Katz covers the use of the saw for fit-out joinery work, but the same principles apply for plinths, cornices and other mouldings on wall units, dressers, display cabinets and similar furniture.

In the first DVD he covers casing, baseboard and crown mouldings. We would refer to the same items as architraves, skirtings and cornices respectively. Interestingly the Americans do use the terms architrave and cornice, but they have a slightly different meaning. The

Introduction section has four video chapters - Orientation, Types, Saw Stands and Safety, a slideshow on safety aspects and two PDFs - the History of Moulding (in the US) and (how to make) a Shopmade Extension.

If you thought that all mitre saws were the same, you’ll think differently after Katz shows you what a well-equipped saw can do. However, the saw is only part of the story. He makes a strong case for investing in a suitable saw stand and a long extension on either side of the saw table.

The three segments on Casing, Baseboard and Crown are laid out the same way with two video chapters each on Orientation and Cutting, plus a Review slideshow. In addition to improving your technique for safer, more accurate and cleaner cuts, Katz also explains how to mark and measure your mitres without having to visualise the cut before you make it. There are also several tips such as closing up mitres, holding cornice at the required angle and marking so that you can check your accuracy during the cut.

Mastering the Mitre Saw Part 1 is a comprehensive and entertaining quide to the basics of mitre saw operation. Since there is very little published on the use of this tool, the DVD is virtually an essential requirement for anyone owning a mitre saw.

Duration: 75min

DVD - English - NTSC