How To Make Carpentry Tools
An illustrated manual
by Aaron Moore with Musaemura Sithole

175 x 245mm

Published by Intermediate Technology Publications, UK


ISBN 1-85339-406-8

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Extract from back cover of book:

Low-cost tools which can be made and repaired by carpenters using locally available materials make it possible for artisans to practice their trade without buying or replacing expensive imported equipment. There has been a deliberate effort to reduce the metal component in these designs so that the tools can be made more easily by carpenters with no metalworking expertise.

Squares, gauges, clamps and planes are among the tools whose construction is described and illustrated in detail in this book, tools which are equally suitable for use in large training institutions or in small workshops. There is also useful guidance on the maintenance and repair of woodworking tools, with additional repair techniques included in this edition.

Designing is a dynamic process and there will always be room for further modifications and improvements. This revised edition incorporates an appendix describing modifications arising from training programmes in Zimbabwe and approved by the original author. The new designs include a combination gauge, and a sash clamp which can be used on the ground instead of on a bench. Other modifications described here include a knob for the jack plane, which many carpenters prefer, and a plywood sole plate for the plough plane. They are included in addition to the original designs to increase the choice of tools available.

An invaluable addition to any workshop.

Drawings: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Metric


Preface to the second edition
Foreword: The ITDG carpentry tools project

The tools
Tool-making skills and equipment
Materials for tool-making

Scratch stock
Mortise gauge
Marking gauge
Sash clamp
Bench clamp
Making planes
Rebate plane
Smoothing plane
Jack plane (one-piece stock)
Jack plane (two-part stock)
Plough plane
Workbench and vice

Maintaining and sharpening cutting tools
Repair techniques

Appendix: Tool designs from IT Zimbabwe
- Sash clamp
- Combination gauge
- Jack plane with knob
- Plough plane with plywood sole plate

Sources of further information