Taunton's Complete Illustrated Guide to Using Woodworking Tools
by Lonnie Bird

235 x 275mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 978-1-63186-085-0

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Extract from back cover of book:

This step-by-step pictorial reference covers using all the tools found in a modern woodworking shop. Organized for quick access, this book makes it easy to find exactly the technique you are looking for. Over 850 photos and drawings illustrate using hand and power tools, including choosing the right tool for the job, setting it up, and basic and special operations.

Learn about:

Choosing the Right Tool

Mastering Hand-Tool Skills

Setting Up Machines

Making Accurate Cuts

Using Jigs and Fixtures

About the author: Lonnie Bird was a long-time contributing editor to American Woodworker and frequently contributes to Fine Woodworking. For many years, Bird ran a university woodworking program. He lives in Dandridge, Tennessee, where he makes 18th-century furniture and operates a woodworking school.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Part 1: Wood and the Shop

Section 1: Working with Wood
The Structure of Wood
From Logs to Boards
Dealing with Wood Movement
Checking Moisture Content

Section 2: Outfitting the Shop
Holding the Work
Edge Tools
Measuring and Marking Tools
Hammers and Striking Tools
Sharpening Equipment
Portable Power Tools
Stationary Machines
Blades, Bits and Cutters
Dust Collection

Part 2: Benches, Clamps and Assembly

Section 3: Benches and Clamps
The Workbench
Bench Accessories
Holding Work for Planing
Holding Work for Sawing
Holding Shaped Work

Section 4: Gluing and Assembly
Simple Glue Joints
Project Assemblies
Repairing Defects

Part 3: Hand Tools

Section 5: Measuring and Marking Tools
Measuring Tools
Marking Tools
Marking Gauges
Tools for Circles, Curves and Arcs
Drafting Supplies

Section 6: Handsaw and Chisels
Saw and Chisel Joinery
Installing Hardware
Tuning Chisels

Section 7: Planes and Planing
Planing Techniques
Planing Project Parts
Planing Shapes
Tuning Planes

Section 8: Files and Rasps
Files and Rasps

Section 9: Sharpening Hand Tools
Sharpening Chisels
Sharpening Scrapers

Part 4: Power Tools

Section 10: The Table Saw
Tune-up Procedures
Basic Operations
Table-Saw Joinery
Table-Saw Shaping

Section 11: The Jointer and Planer
Using the Jointer
Jointing and Planing

Section 12: The Bandsaw
Tune-up Techniques
Cutting Simple Curves
Compound Curves
Bandsaw Ripping
Bandsaw Joinery

Section 13: The Shaper
Shaping Edges
Shaping a Face

Section 14: The Router Table
Basic Routing
Advanced Routing

Section 15: Drilling and Mortising Tools
Using the Drill Press
Using the Mortiser

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