Sharpening with Waterstones
A Perfect Edge in 60 Seconds
by Ian Kirby

150 x 230mm

Published by Linden Publishing, Fresno, CA USA


ISBN 085442078-9

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Extract from back cover of book:

Waterstones sharpen all your woodworking tools better, easier and quicker than ever before. Master craftsman Ian Kirby teaches you a series of logical steps for putting a perfect edge on planes, chisels, knives, and carving tools. This is the only sharpening book that shows you exactly how to hold the tools, where and how to stand, and how to move.

You will learn:

What bevel angles are best and how to achieve them.

How to test for sharpness.

How to choose and equip a grinder.

How to build a special bench for sharpening.

Which waterstones to buy.

How to sharpen and polish a perfect edge.

Woodworking with sharp tools is pure pleasure. With sharp tools you can lay out and cut joints that fit, and you can plane the wood perfectly smooth for finishing. With sharp tools, you will immediately become a better woodworker.

About the Author: Master woodworker Ian Kirby was trained in the British Arts-and-Crafts tradition, and now builds furniture and teaches at his Connecticut studios. He is a frequent contributor to American Woodworker magazine; this is his fifth book.

Photos: Black & White


1. A perfect edge in 60 seconds

2. Grinders and grinding wheels

3. Equipping the grinder

4. When to grind

5. Waterstones

6. Sharpening station

7. The back face

8. Sharpening plane blades

9. Sharpening chisels

10. Knives and scissors

11. Carving tools

12. Parting shot