Jigs & Fixtures for the Hand Tool Woodworker
by Graham Blackburn

210 x 280mm

Published by Popular Woodworking Books, Ohio USA


ISBN 978-1-4403-3340-8

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 181

Most large projects and, indeed, many small ones, are made easier by employing some sort of jig or fixture during the course of their construction.

One common reason for their use is where a third hand is needed to hold something in place while the woodworkers own two hands are otherwise occupied. Another is where the device is used in some way to assist in maintaining the accuracy of a repeated action such as marking, cutting or shaping.

Most of these devices lose their importance immediately the project is finished. But there are also jigs and fixtures that are sufficiently universal in nature to be able to contribute to many quite different projects.

This book focuses on devices which fall within this category but which are also designed specifically for the hand woodworker.

The author begins with a definition of the differences between tools, fixtures and jigs: 'A tool works directly upon and alters the workpiece. A fixture holds the workpiece and a jig guides the tool.'

Although he goes on to qualify these definitions by adding that sometimes all of these functions are combined in a single device, they are helpful in understanding the division of the book into its 8 chapters.

Chapter 1 covers Jigs and Fixtures for Holding. These include bench stops ranging from simple pins or v-blocks to not-so-simple cam-fixed or screw-fixed pins.

Then there are vice fixtures, many of which are designed to hold oddly shaped workpieces securely and safely.

The presentation for each device consists of a (hand) drawing and descriptive text. The latter provides details of methods of construction, typical uses and, in many instances, options that may be applied to either or both.

The same presentation is used for all of the devices described in the book.

Chapter 2 addresses Jigs and Fixtures for Measuring and Marking. Of course, these include the well-known Straightedges, Story Sticks, Dovetail Marking Guides and Winding Sticks, but Brick Batten Stops, Pinch Rods, Corner Scribes and the Cylinder Marking Cradle will probably be much less familiar. So will the Grasshopper Gauge which the author points out is a surprising omission from the range of generally available manufactured marking tools.

Chapter 3 introduces a series of Jigs and Fixtures for Sawing. They include guides and supports for sawing as well as such ingenious devices as the Dowel Length-Stop which makes short work of cutting dowels to prescribed lengths.

Chapter 4 is devoted to Planing, Chapter 5 to Joinery, Chapter 6 to Boring and Chapter 7 to Assembling and Finishing. The final short Chapter 8 deals with Sharpening.

Some of the jigs and fixtures described in this book are very simple; others are relatively complex. All, however, appear easy to make and - despite the authorís stated objective - many could justifiably claim a place in even the most modern workshop.

The book should therefore appeal to both novice and experienced woodworkers regardless of their preference for hand or power tools.

Drawings: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial


List of Illustrations

Chapter 1 - Jigs & fixtures for Holding
Bench Aids
- Bench Stop
- Cam-Fixed Bench Stop
- Screw-Fixed Bench Stop
- Manufactured Metal Bench Stop
- V-Block
- Bench Dog
- Bench Hook
- Simple Hold-Fast
- Screw Hold-Fast
- Bridge Clamp
Vise Fixtures
- Free-Standing Deadman
- Fixed Deadman
- Sliding Deadman
- End Bracket
- Auxiliary Vise Jaws
- Replacement Jaw Facings
- Vertically Tapered Jaws
- Matching Taper Jaw
- Cradle Jaws for Round Stock
- Vertical Cradle Jaws
- Horizontal Cradle Jaws
- Tall Jaws
- Box Jaws
- Right-Angle Bracket
- Finishing Jaws
- Floor Clamp
- Handscrew Jaw Extender

Chapter 2 - Jigs & Fixtures for Measuring & Marking
- Straightedge
- Pinch Rods
- Diagonal Strips
- Winding Sticks
- Flexible Straightedge
- Asymmetrical Flexible Straightedge
- Brick Batten Stop
- Story Stick
- Mullett
- Patterns and Templates
- Beam Compass
- Pencil Gauge
- Bossed Curve-Gauge
- Doweled Curve-Gauge
- Parallel Marking Gauge
- Notched Preset Gauge
- Rebated Preset Gauge
- Bored Trysquare
- Drawer-Pull Guide
- Drawer-Pull Centering Positioner
- Cabinet Door-Handle Guide
- Shelf-Support Layout Guide
- Grasshopper Gauge
- Cylinder Gauging Cradle
- Corner Scribe
- Sliding-Bevel Spacer
- Dovetail Marking Guide
- Side Dovetail Guide

Chapter 3 - Jigs & Fixtures for Sawing
Sawing Aids
- Saw Bench
- Saw Horse
- Ripping Horse
- Sawbuck
Bench Aids
- Pivoting Saw-Stop
- Kerfed Bench-Hook
- Fret-Sawing Bracket
- Fret-Sawing Block
Sawing Guides
- Depth Stop
- Dowel Length-Stop
- Shoulder Guide
- Angle Guide
Mitering Aids
- Miter Block
- Miter Box
- Mitered-Dovetail Block
- Miter-Sawing Saddle

Chapter 4 - Jigs & Fixtures for Planing
Holding Fixtures
- Face-Planing Stop
Edge-Planing Fixtures
- Roman Pegs
- Strip Clamp
- Edge-Planing Clamp
- Planing Board
- Cammed Planing Board
- Sticking Board
- Dowel Box
- Planing Cradle
Shooting Boards
- Basic Shooting Board
- Wedged Shooting Board
- Compound-Angle Shooting Board
- Miter Shooting Board
- Donkey's Ear Shooting Board
- Shooting Block
Fixtures for Accuracy
- Rebating Guide
- Fielding Guides
- Mitered Dovetail Guide
- Plane Depth/Width Stop
- Square Edge Guide
- Planing Push-Block

Chapter 5- Jigs & Fixtures for Joinery
- Scratch Stock
- Rounded-Edge Scratch Stock
- Turning Box
- Hand-Router Shoe
- Angled Circle-Cutting Guide
- Dowel Groover
- Dowel Marker
Miters & Dovetails
- Mitered Moulding Guide
- Dovetail Paring Guide
- Mitered-Dovetail Paring Block
- Mortising Block
- Mortising Hand Screw

Chapter 6- Jigs & Fixtures for Boring
- Trysquare Guide
- Framing Square Guide
- Vertical Boring Guide
- Thin-Stock Boring Guide
- Block Boring Guide
- Angle-Boring Guide
- Spaced Hole Guide
- Evenly Spaced Boring Guide
- Corner Boring Guide
- Splintering Guard
- Tape Depth Guide
- Block Depth Guide
- Adjustable Depth Stop

Chapter 7- Jigs & Fixtures for Assembly & Finishing
Dent Protection
- Hammer Shield
- Pliers Shield
- Fulcrum Raiser
- Striking Block
Assembly Aids
- Floor Frame-Container
- Frame Clamp
- Door Rocker
Gluing Aids
- Edge Clamp
- Bending Forms
- Solid Bending Form
Adhesive Tape
- Glue Block Protector
- Tape Repair
- Squeeze-Out Protector
- Glue Surface Protector
- Sandpaper Divider
- Sanding Plane
- Shaped Sanding Plane
- Sanding Rubbers
- Sanding Shooting-Board
- Lipping Sander
- Straddle Sander
Finish Protection
- Finishing Support Board
- Finish Protectors

Chapter 8- Jigs & Fixtures for Sharpening
- Hand-Grinder Blade Support
- Sharpening Stone Flattener
- Bevel Support Block
- Scraper-Plane Blade Support
- Wedged Stone Holder
- Spokeshave Sharpenng Holder