Workshop Essentials 6 DVD
The Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig
Some day all home woodies will cut their tenons this way!

by Steve Maskery

Published by Steve Maskery


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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 184

Curiously Steve begins this video by describing how he made an improvement on his 'Ultimate Tablesaw Tenon Jig' in Volume 3.

He then goes on to point out that the limitation of any table saw tenon jig that holds the workpiece in the vertical position, is the maximum rise of the saw blade. A project that required 100mm long tenons (a door) led to the development of his Ultimate Bandsaw Tenon Jig.

Much of this volume is taken up with the construction of the jig itself. Then he demonstrates how the jig may be used to cut single tenons, halving joints, bridle joints, angled tenons (eg. chair frames) and twin tenons (eg. architectural woodwork such as deep window frames).

This DVD also contains printable PDFs and Sketchup models

Google SketchUp required (not included). Adobe Reader required (not included)

Duration: 88min

DVD - English - PAL