Workshop Essentials 2 DVD
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Another great collection of jigs, gadgets, accessories and general must-haves for your workshop!

by Steve Maskery

Published by Steve Maskery


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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 184

In this second instalment of his jigs, Steve makes wooden push-sticks, a perspex guide for setting Domino and biscuit joints, jig for routing across a board, mortice jig and a wooden outfeed extension table for a table saw.

Among his tips is a handy method for dividing the circumference of a cylinder into (any number of) equal parts using a piece of paper, ruler and set square.

Steve prefers his wooden push-sticks because they are less flimsy than some store-bought items. He also modifies their design to suit the machine on which they are being used. As he explains, different machines exert differing forces on the workpiece and for optimal safety this should be reflected in the design of the push-stick.

Biscuit cutters and the Festool Domino are designed to cut mortises near the edge of the component, but what if the mortise is across the component or a fair distance from any edge? Steve shows you how to make a perspex guide so that you can accurately cut mortises in any location with either tool.

There's a similar problem with routing a slot across the workpiece. The traditional fence is only designed to travel along the length of the wood. Steve solves this with another of his jigs.

The mortice jig uses a portable router to form the slot. For a cross mortice, he uses this jig in combination with the cross slot jig.

By the way, if you own a Festool Domino, Steve introduces his Waggle-ometer. This is a series of templates allowing him to accurately set out Domino holes using the three different 'waggle' (ie. tolerance) settings on the Domino machine.

Google SketchUp required (not included). Adobe Reader required (not included)

Duration: 80min

DVD - English - PAL