Workshop Essentials 1 DVD
Woodworking Jigs & Accessories
A superb collection of jigs, gadgets, accessories and general must-haves for your workshop!

by Steve Maskery

Published by Steve Maskery


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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 184

English woodworker and author, Steve Maskery, is well known for the various jigs he has had published in British woodworking magazines. In his Workshop Essentials series of six DVDs, he covers the construction of a number of these jigs as well as supplying various hints and tips to make woodworking easier and more accurate.

In the first volume he makes a setting gauge, an improved pencil gauge and three different tenon jigs.

The setting gauge enables you to cut sheet material by working off a reference edge rather than trying to follow a pencil line. The gauge is made with an allowance for the portable saw's baseplate, so there is no need to make any corrections to get an accurate cut. Steve uses a Festool saw and rail guide to make the best use of the gauge - similar rail guides are now available from a number of power tool manufacturers.

The first tenon jig machines the ends of small to medium sized components on a router table. Steve's second jig is for large components - the guide fits over the timber and the tenon is machined with a portable router.

For the third tenon jig, the component is clamped in the vertical position and the jig sits on top of it. The tenon is cut with a portable router. This is the most complex of the jigs but it has a few advantages, including the ability to cut an angled tenon.

On the DVD Steve also talks about working with nut fixings, making your own 'bolts' with wooden heads and threaded rod, and other tips which can come in handy when developing your own jigs.

While Steve's workshop is small and compact, it is well-equipped. To make the jigs in this volume, he uses a compound mitre saw, scrollsaw (to cut the perspex neatly), bench press, bandsaw, bobbin sander and lathe. While not all of these items are essential, the construction of these jigs is more suited to someone with a reasonably well equipped workshop rather than a beginner with only basic portable tools.

Google SketchUp required (not included). Adobe Reader required (not included)

Duration: 90min

DVD - English - PAL