Home Workshop Setup
The Complete Guide
Edited by Jim Harrold

215 x 280mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 978-0-7643-4418-3

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Extract from back cover of book:

Now that you've cleaned out the garage or finally freed up some space in the basement, it's time to start planning your ideal home workshop. Fortunately, this second installment of the Home Woodworker Series has everything you need to create the efficient, safe, clean, and comfortable workspace you've envisioned for working with wood. Start with the workshop planner and use its tool templates and gridded worksheet to lay out a customized floor plan based on your dedicated space. Then follow the guide to decide on other needs for your shop, including flooring options, lighting and heating, dust collection, outfitting with compressed air, and fire safety. The guide also walks you through a garage shop makeover, providing detailed plans for space-saving components like carts, cabinets, and racks. Armed with an action plan based on the guide, you'll have all you need for setting up the perfect home workshop. Add in tools, a bench, and storage, and you can take your passion to the next level, building projects for the home and family, or to sell.

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Units of Measurement: Imperial



Chapter 1: Begin with a Plan
- Dream-Shop Planner

Chapter 2: Flooring Options
- Modular Workshop Flooring
- How to Install a Workshop Wood Floor

Chapter 3: Lighting and Heating
- Workshop Lighting
- Workshop Heating

Chapter 4: Small Shop Dust Collection

Chapter 5: Outfitting Your Shop with Air

Chapter 6: Fire Safety for the Home Shop

Chapter 7: Garage Shop Makeover
- From Garage to Home Workshop
- Shop Starters
- Wall-Hung Tool Cabinet
- Flip-Top Cart
- Deluxe Crosscut Station with Lumber Rack

Chapter 8: Build a Classic Workbench