Dust Control
Made Simple
Includes companion
step-by-step dvd

by S Nagyszalanczy

235 x 275mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 978-1-60085-248-0

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Extract from back cover of book:

These integrated book/DVD sets demystify woodworking subjects that seem daunting and help you easily learn new techniques. The DVD allows you to watch a pro demonstrate exactly what to do, while the book serves as a shop-friendly guide at your elbow. Together they form a powerful tool designed to give you a quick grasp of all the information you need.

Dust is a health hazard in the wood shop. Fortunately, manufacturers of dust control equipment have introduced systems that are economical as well as easy to install. This book and DVD set covers all the essential information for any woodworker, from comprehensive systems to air filtration, portable systems, shop vacuums, task dust collection, and personal dust protection. Watch fhe DVD and then follow along in the book to get the dust in your shop under control efficientiy and safely.

About the Author: Sandor Nagyszalanczy is a nationally recognized expert on woodworking tools and cabinet and furniture construction. He is the author of more than a dozen books published by The Taunton Press, including Woodshop Dust Control, which has sold over 75,000 copies. A professional designer, he has worked as a custom furniture builder for more than 30 years. A freelance writer, photographer, and tool consultant, Nagyszalanczy has been a senior editor at Fine Woodworking magazine and is a ten-time winner of the Golden Hammer award for excellence in home and workshop writing.

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Chapter 1: The problem of sawdust
- Why control dust?
- Different dust, different collection methods

Chapter 2: Dust control strategies
- Primary collection
- Secondary collection
- Combining dust control strategies

Chapter 3: Shop vacuums
- Choosing a shop vacuum
- Connecting to portable power tools
- Benchtop machine vacuum setup
- Automatic control switches

Chapter 4: Portable dust collectors
- Dust collector anatomy
- Collector filtration
- Hooking up a portable collector
- Setting up a mini collection system

Chapter 5: Central collection systems
- Central system anatomy
- Designing a central collection system
- Checking the fan curve

Chapter 6: Installing your system
- Choosing duct pipe
- The installation process
- Cutting snap-lock metal pipe to length
- Cutting spiral pipe to length
- Assembling ductwork
- Securing duct joints
- Sealing ductwork
- Hanging ductwork
- Installing air gates
- Installing flexible hose
- Grounding the ductwork
- Making final connections
- Switching the collector
- Testing and tuning the system
- Future changes

Chapter 7: Ventilation and air filtration
- Shop ventilation
- Air-filtration devices
- Making a box-fan ventilator

Chapter 8: Masks and respirators
- Choosing a respiratory protection device
- Disposable masks
- Reusable respirators
- Powered air-purifying respirators