Workshop Dust Control
by American Woodworker

190 x 230mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-461-1

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Extract from back cover of book:

Control the Dust and Breathe Easier

Wood dust is not only messy and annoying - it can pose countless health and safety hazards in the home workshop. Weekend woodworkers can develop allergies that will only worsen with increased exposure, and any random spark can turn a pile of dust into a serious fire hazard. Getting wood dust - especially the fine dust - under control is a critical and necessary step in any productive woodshop.

As part of the Tool Smarts Series, Workshop Dust Control is a must-have book for all woodworkers, regardless of skill level. It covers everything you need to know to set-up a safe and clean work environment.

This helpful guide includes expert information on:
- The five simple rules for a dust free shop
- Finding the right vacuum for your workspace
- How to minimize dust from portable power tools
- Dust collection systems, air compressors, and air scrubbers
- Practical solutions for making tools work cleaner

Photos & Illustrations: Colour


Hazards of Wood Dust

Vacuum the Dust
- Shop Vacuums
- Balst Gate Manifoid for Vac Hoses
- Shop Vacuums for Portable Power Tools
- Soup Up Your Shop Vacuum
- Dedicated Dust Collection
- Muffle Your Shop Vac

Collect the Dust
- Central Dust Collection
- Those Blasted Gates
- Turn Your Dust Collector on its Head
- Dust Bag Hangers
- Clever Duct Tricks
- Dust Collectors for a Small Shop
- Cartridge Dust Filters
- Random-Orbit Filter Cleaner
- Wide-Mouth Dust Collection
- Tool Test: Cyclone Dust Collectors
- Remote Control for Your Dust Collector

Tool Solutions
- Dust Collection Tips
- Dust-Free Band Saw
- Anti-Slip Dust Collection Table
Dust Collection for Routers
- Handy Blast Gate Lever
Capture Tablesaw Dust

Clean the Air
- Tool Test: Shop Air Cleaners
- Air Scrubber Trio
- No-Hassle Filter Cleaning
- Electrostatic Prefilter Advantages

Compressed Air
- Tool Review: Small Air Compressors
- Plumb Your Shop with Air