The Missing Shop Manual

125 x 180mm

Published by Fox Chapel Publishing Co. Inc., East Petersburg PA USA


ISBN 978-1-56523-491-8

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As reviewed in The Australian Woodworker Issue 154

The Missing Shop Manuals for the Jointer and Router are - like the other books in this series already reviewed - primers which present valuable information about machine and tool operation in a concise and easily digestible format.

The text on the back cover of one of these books offers this reason for their publication.

When you unpack a new Jointer, the enclosed manual doesn't venture much beyond basic safety, assembly and setup. That leaves some head-scratching when it's time to turn it on and start surfacing a board. Where's the manual that covers all the things your new Jointer is designed to do?

The Missing Shop Manual... takes the next step with you. In addition to explaining the basics of safety and setup, this handy reference manual will help you get the most for your money by getting the most from your equipment...

The book begins with a visual analysis of the anatomy of a jointer, then proceeds to comment on the basic adjustments such as setting the out-feed table height, aligning the tables and fence, and setting the knife height.

Chapter 2 deals with jointing the edges and faces of a board, providing advice on topics that include holding and feeding a workpiece so as to safely achieve the best results. There are also notes on jointing end grain, for example, and on using the jointer to straighten boards.

Chapter 3 covers rabbets, chamfers and the challenging task of cutting tapers - both simple and stopped. The latter notes are extended to include the making of pencil posts.

Chapter 4 gives similar advice on the operation of a Planer while the final chapter explores the cleaning, honing and sharpening of jointer and planer knives plus edge and face gluing.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Chapter 1: Jointer

Chapter 2: Jointing

Chapter 3: Rabbets, Chamfers & Tapers

Chapter 4: Planer

Chapter 5: Jointer & Planer Knives