Using a Hand Plane - DVD
Tuning, Setting the Blade and Planing Techniques
with Ian Kirby

Published by Linden Publishing, Fresno, CA, USA


ISBN 978-1-933502-22-9

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Extract from back cover of book:

Filled with detailed instructions, this informative DVD demonstrates the steps required to tune your plane to achieve the maximum results from this versatile tool. Through seven information packed chapters Kirby covers a wide variety of subjects.

Learn about:
- Plane parts and tuning the plane
- Using the plane against a bench stop
- Cross grain planing
- Edge and end planing
- Prepartion of stock
- The critical path
- Making a kitchen cutting board

About the Author: Ian Kirby is a British trained designer and maker of furniture. He has over 50 years of hands on experience in the workshop. He is the author of The Complete Dovetail, Sharpening with Waterstones and The Accurate Table Saw.

Duration: 68min

DVD - English - NTSC