Shop Improvements
Great Designs for Fine Woodworking
Outstanding Ideas from the World's Finest Woodworkers

215 x 275mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 978-1-56158-891-6

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Extract from back cover of book:

Outstanding designs from America's leading woodworking magazine.

- Over 100 clever jigs and savvy workstations
- Detailed, exploded drawings with measurements
- Inspiration for every kind of shop accessory

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Workstations and Shop Aids

Tilt-Top Shop Cart Handles Plywood
Fred Sotcher

Rolling Compound-Miter Saw Stand Saves Space
Charles Jacoby

Sawhorses for the Shop
Christian Becksvoort

Low Assembly Bench Puts Work at the Right Height
Bill Nyberg

Dovetailer's Bench and Carcass Press
Charles Durham Jr.

Assembly Cart Raises Work
Jerry H. Lyons

Shop Drafting Table Folds Away
Dwyane Intveld

Vacuum Hold-Down Table
Mike M. McCallum

A Downdraft Sanding Table
Peter Brown

Fold-Down Sanding Table Collects Dust
David DiRanna

Shooting Board
Ed Speas

Rolling Tool Cabinets Save Space
Bill Endress

Vertical Press Simplifies Glue-Ups
Jim Tolpin

Convertible Clamping Station
Dick McDonough

A Bench Built to Last
Mike Dunbar

Rock-Solid Plywood Bench
Cecil Braeden

Multipurpose Support Stand
John White

Hefty Workbench with all the Frills
Jon Leppo

Mobile Table Serves Many Needs
Jerry H. Lyons

Power-Tool Workbench
Lars Mikkelsen

The Essential Workbench
Lon Schleining

Heavy-Duty Bench with a Knockdown Base
Mike Dunbar

A Benchtop Bench
Jeff Miller

Clamping Table
Jerry H. Lyons

Versatile and Affordable Workbench
John White

Drilling Jigs and Fixtures

Sliding Drill Press Table for Mortising
Gary Rogowski

Auxiliary Drill Press Table
Roland Johnson

Adjustable End-Boring Jig for the Drill Press
Jeff Greef

Vertical Boring Jig for the Drill Press
Gary Rogowski

Tablesaw Jigs and Fixtures

Folding Extension Tables Save Space
Dwayne J. Intveld

Picture Framer's Miter Jig
Robert Hamon

Sliding Miter Gauge Fence Lends Accuracy
Tim Hanson

One-Stop Cutting Station
Ken Picou

Tablesaw Sled for Precision Crosscutting
Lon Schleining

Tablesaw Sled Cuts Box Joints
Lon Schleining

Tenoning Jig for the Tablesaw
Brad Schilling

Angled Tenons on the Tablesaw
William Krase

Dovetailing Sled for the Tablesaw
Jeff Miller

Tablesaw Jig Cuts Slip Joints
Frank Klausz

Shop-Built Roller Extension Table
Bob Gabor

Tablesaw Dovetail Jig
Mark Duginske

Shopmade Outfeed Table
Frank A. Vucolo

A Better Tapering Jig
Richard W. Beebe II

Bandsaw Jigs and Fixtures

Five Essential Bandsaw Jigs
Michael Fortune

Bandsaw Base Designed for Resawing
John White

Planer Jigs and Fixtures

Shopmade Planer Table
Andy Beasley

Infeed/Outfeed Table for a Portable Planer
Greg Colegrove

Adjustable Planer Sled Surfaces Warped Stock
Keith Rust

Router Jigs and Fixtures

Versatile Mortising
Jeff Miller

Two Jigs for Routing Columns
Bill Ewing

Bench-Mounted Router Table Stores Easily
Paul Manning

Stow-Away Router Table
Jim Wright

Adjustable Router Jig Cuts Arches
Bill Ewing

A Jig for Cutting Curved and Tapered Reeds
John Van Buren

Micro-Adjustable Jig Speeds Tenoning
Patrick Warner

Router Fixture takes on Angled Tenons
Edward Koizumi

End-Work Router Fixture for Tenons and More
Patrick Warner

Shop-Built Horizontal Mortiser
John F. Matousek

Shopmade Slot Mortiser
Gregory Paolini

The Ultimate Router Table
John White

Shopmade Trimmer for Flush Cuts
Jim Siulinski

Horizontal Router Table
Ernie Conover

Five Smart Router Jigs
Yeung Chan

Compact Tool Makes Dadoes a Snap
Skip Lauderbaugh

Custom-Built Dovetail Jig
William H. Page

A Versatile Router Table
Kevin McLaughlin

Router Table Accessories
Patrick Warner

Smart Storage Solutions

Versatile Shop Storage Solutions
Joseph Beals

Wall Panels Organize Hand Tools
Jerry H. Lyons

Heirloom Tool Chest
Chris Gochnour

Tool Cabinet for a Workbench
Lon Schleining

An Inspired Tool Chest
Bill Crozier

Mobile Clamp Cart
David DiRanna

Stack and Store Lumber on the Same Rack
Chris Gochnour

A Machinist-Style Tool Chest
Ronald Young

Clamp Racks for Ceilings and Walls
Brook Duerr

A Clever Tool Case
Yeung Chan

Wall Rack for Clamps
John West

Fine Furniture for Tools
Steven Thomas Bunn

Lumber-Storage Solutions
Andy Beasley

A Dovetailed Tool Cabinet
Carl Dorsch