Working with Handplanes
by Best of Fine Woodworking

215 x 275mm

Published by The Taunton Press, Connecticut, USA.


ISBN 1-56158-748-6

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Extract from back cover of book:

With a sharp, well-tuned handplane you can quickly adjust the fit of parts or joints, flatten a panel or produce a glass-smooth surface for finishing. But learning to use this classic handtool can be something of a challenge. This book offers advice on how to choose handplanes and tune and sharpen them for top performance. There is also in-depth information on specialty planes and spokeshaves.

What's Inside:
- Choosing the right bench planes
- Flattening wide panels
- Planing difficult grain
- Making and using a shooting board
- Using rabbet planes
- Tuning up a spokeshave
- Making wooden planes

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Imperial



Section 1 Bench Planes

Making Music with a Plane
James Krenov

Straight Talk About Planes
Richard Starr

Four Planes That Earn Their Keep
Sven Hanson

Three Bench Planes
Michael Dunbar

User's Guide to Block Planes
Chris Gochnour

Section 2 Planing Techniques

Flattening Wide Panels by Hand
William Tandy Young

Planing Difficult Grain
Mario Rodriguez

Planing Corner Joints
Jeff Miller

Garrett Hack

Shooting Board Aims for Accuracy
Ed Speas

Shooting Boards Aim for Tight Joints
Michael Dunbar

Section 3 Specialty Planes

Rabbet Planes Are Real Shop Workhorses
Garrett Hack

Compass Planes
Hank Gilpin

The Stanley No. 55: King of Combination Planes
Mario Rodriguez

Japanese Planes Demystified
Carl Swensson

Section 4 Spokeshaves

The Spokeshave
Mario Rodriguez

Soup Up Your Spokeshave
Brian Boggs

Section 5 Scrapers

The Scraper Can Replaces a Stack of Sandpaper
Philip C. Lowe

Cabinet Scrapers
Monroe Robinson

The Buekhorn Scraper
Scott Wynn

Making Small Scrapers
William Tandy Young

Section 6 Making Planes and Scratch Stocks

Wooden Planes
David Welter

Wooden Chisel Plane
Norm Pollack

Simple Tools Can Reproduce Most Moldings
Robert S. Judd

Scratch Stocks
Rob Millard

Make a Wooden Scraper
Stephen Shepherd