Scrimshaw in Theory and Practice
by Richard Maier

150 x 230mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 978-0-7643-4976-6

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Extract from back cover of book:

Scrimshaw is the art of the Eskimos and Whalers. They began by carving fine lines into walrus ivory and bones, which developed into complex images. Today, scrimshaw is a recognized art form that inspires collectors all over the world - especially in Europe and the United States. Richard "Ritchi" Maier is one of the best "scrimshanders" internationally In this volume, this skilled engraver explains the history and technique of scrimshaw engraving. Most of the book is a practical guide for those who want to try their hand at this artwork. The author provides tips on materials, equipment, and tools, and describes every step in detail, allowing the reader to share in his broad experience. Many photographs and illustrations detail techniques, procedures, and finished pieces. It is a perfect guidebook for anyone entering the wonderful world of scrimshaw.

Photos: Colour


A Few Introductory Sentences

- Stone Age Origins
- The Art of the Eskimo
- Scrimshaw among the Whalers
- Scrimshaw Today

Basic Materials
- Fossilized Mammoth Ivory
- Elephant Ivory
- Hippopotamus lvory
- Whale Tooth
- Fossilized Walrus Tusk
- Sambar Antler
- Moose Antler
- Reindeer Antler
- Cattle Horn
- Buffalo Horn
- Cattle Bone
- Camel Bone
- Micarta
- Bakelite
- Oosik
- Other Materials

Tools and Working Materials
- Primers
- Priming with Opaque White
- Priming with Plasticine
- Pencils
- Transfer Materials
- Tracing Paper
- Blueprint Paper
- Needles
- Gravers
- Steel Punch and Engraving Hammer
- Magnifiers and Microscopes
- Lamps and Lighting
- Sanding
- Polishing
- Clamping Tools
- Coloring
- Calligraphy Ink
- China Ink
- Litho Ink
- India Ink
- Shellac lnk
- Airbrush Pigments
- Lino Printing Ink
- Acrylic Pigment
- Oil Pigments
- Printing Ink

Working Techniques
- Selecting the Right Subject
- Preparing a Design
- Testing the Material
- Tracing and Transferring Your Subject
- Stippling Method
- Stencil Method
- Tracing
- Engraving the Contours
- Applying the Pigment
- Mapping Out the Border Lines
- Surface Area Techniques
- Stippling Technique
- Line Technique
- Cross-hatch Technique
- Punch Technique
- Mezzotint
- Combining Techniques
- Brightening Up the Engraving
- Creating Transitions

On Collecting Scrimshaw

Concluding Remarks