Woodworking Essentials
Timeless Techniques for Woodworkers
Edited by Scott Francis

210 x 275mm

Published by Popular Woodworking Books, Ohio USA


ISBN 978-1-4403-4370-4

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Extract from back cover of book:

Fundamental Knowledge for Every Woodworker

Looking for a go-to shop reference? Woodworking Essentials is the compendium of must-have woodworking know-how for woodworkers of all skill levels. Based on a long-running column from Popular Woodworking Magazine, this comprehensive guide covers important techniques for safe and effective operation of the most widely used woodworking tools and machines, as well as insight into working with the wood itself. You'll learn how to choose and use the right equipment for your woodshop and discover better ways to work.

Inside you'll find:
- Ideas for setting up the ideal shop including location, lighting and power, shop organization and dust collection
- Techniques, tips and tricks for use and maintenance of the most popular woodworking machines including routers, table saws, miter saws, power jointers and thickness planers, as well as hand tools
- Casework construction best practices that cover everything from wood selection and prep to joinery and assembly to adding doors, drawers and hardware
- And ideas for making the way you work safer, more precise and more efficient.

So, look no further. Brimming with fundamental information about the craft, this timeless guide is the idea-packed shop reference you've been looking for.

Photos & Illustrations: Sepia

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Setting Up Shop
1: The Right Location
2: Lighting & Power
3: Placing Machinery
4: Small Tool Organization
5: Material Storage
6: Rules for Workbenches
7: Dust Collection

1: Fixed-based Router
2: Plunge Router
3: The Router Table
4: Router Joinery
5: Use Your Router to Build Boxes & Drawers
6: Edge & Surface Treatments
7: Advanced Techniques For the Router

Table Saws
1: Intro to the Table Saw
2: Using the Saw Blade
3: Basic Joinery
4: Customize Your Table Saw
5: Advanced Joinery
6: Special Techniques
7: Advanced Techniques

Casework Construction
1: Beginning Principles
2: Wood Selection & Prep
3: Case joinery
4: Smart Assembly
5: Doors & Drawers
6: Cabinet Hardware
7: Special Applications

A Better Way To Work
1: Learn the Skills to be Safe
2: Practical Safety Devices
3: Power jointers
4: Miter Saws
5: Band Saws
6: Thickness Planers
7: Table Saws