Radio Control Primer
by David Boddington

145 x 210mm

Published by Argus Books, Hempstead, England
Third Edition - 1986


ISBN 0-85242-899-5

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Extract from back cover of book:

A primer is an elementary book, or an introductory book or manual; in another sense it is a device which is used to set some activity in motion. This Radio Control Primer meets both definitions, since it covers the basic elements of modern radio controlled model aircraft and gives sound, practical advice which if followed will launch the reader into a successful and satisfying pursuit which can provide pleasurable activity for many years. Earlier editions of this book have already set many thousands of modellers off in the right direction.

David Boddington is one of the world's leading authorities on radio models and flying, with many years of experience in guiding beginners through the complexities of progress from newcomer to competent builder and flier, both in person and through the medium of the printed word. Although his own activities have encompassed the development and operation of advanced models for such films as Wings, Flambards and Airline, he has never lost an understanding of the problems which can beset a novice; his work as a former Editor of Radio Modeller and Radio Control Models means that he has always kept abreast of development and, at the same time, been aware of difficulties encountered by readers, placing him in a unique position to give the best possible advice.

Photos: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Imperial


Chapter 1 - The Challenge of Radio Control
- What it's all about - the challenge and understanding flight

Chapter 2 - Requirements for Flight
- Elementary aerodynamics, the flight forces, methods of control

Chapter 3 - The Radio Equipment
- Selecting your needs, types of equipment, single channel to proportional, servos

Chapter 4 - Choosing the Model
- What kind to build - the Pronto special design, its construction from dimensioned plans

Chapter 5 - Almost Ready to Fly Models
- Commercial kits ready finished with a minimum assembly time

Chapter 6 - Control Surfaces and Radio Installations
- Vital links from Receiver to control surfaces and engine via servos and pushrods fully explained

Chapter 7 - Covering and Finishes
- Secrets of covering with Nylon or plastic film - obtaining a good finish

Chapter 8 - Engines, Accessories and Field Equipment
- Looking after the power plant, fuels, propellors, field needs, fuel tanks and equipment

Chapter 9 - Preparation and Flying
- Test guides, engine checks, landing, flight analysis, trimming the model, trimming the radio control

Chapter 10 - Conclusions, Problems and Faults
- Anticipating difficulties - planning first flights - getting the model back safely

Chapter 11 - Future Models
- Design discussion - aerobatic trainer - control techniques - how to do aerobatics - the next stage after proficient training