Japanese Knife Sharpening
With Traditional Waterstones
by Rudolf Dick

150 x 230mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 978-0-7643-4680-4

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Extract from back cover of book:

This is the ultimate guide to sharpening with traditional waterstones for all owners of Japanese knives. Provided are step-by-step instructions on proper knife sharpening accompanied by over 120 color photos, plus black and white graphics for clarity. Details on the care for all major blade types are also provided, along with expert advice on the use of solid abrasive materials and steel. Important information on care for the waterstones is also provided to keep your sharpening stones useful for many years. Readers learn how to make knives sharp and obtain their very best performance. The expert, Dr. Rudolf Dick, explains special Japanese knives, helps you choose the correct sharpening stones, and provides a detailed guide for sharpening practice. A chapter on the pinnacle of sharpening, polishing Japanese swords, completes the standard work for all users and friends of Japanese knives.

Photos: Colour


About The Author

A Bit of Theory
The True Nature of Sharpness
Blade Geometry

Waterstones for Sharpening
Artificial Japanese Waterstones
Natural Japanese Stones
The Appropriate Treatment of the Stones
Other Sharpening Means
Useful Equipment

Sharpening in Practice
Differences with Respect to European Knives
The Ten Rules of Sharpening
Chisel-Ground Vegetable Knife: usuba
Chisel-Ground Cleaver: deba
Chisel-Ground Fish Knife: yanagiba
Two-sided Kitchen Knives: santoku and gyuto
Japanese Bread Knife
Folder: higonokami
Outdoor Knives
Repairing a Damaged Blade
How to Take Care of Your Japanese Knives
The Japanese Sword Polisher: togishi

Steel Science

Tales and History