Musical Instruments of The Southern Appalachian Mountains
by John Rice Irwin

275 x 210mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 978-0-916838-80-5

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Extract from back cover of book:

For almost a quarter century I have gathered musical instruments (along with other items) from the hollows and mountains of Southern Appalachia, primarily in upper east Tennessee, southwest Virginia, western North Carolina and eastern Kentucky. These items are now on display at the Museum of Appalachia, fifteen miles north of Knoxville, Tennessee.

Scholars and other interested parties from throughout the country have suggested that photographs of these instruments, along with descriptive notes, be made available for those interested in conducting substantive research in this field;hence, the purpose of this short, simple treatise.

I have not attempted to conduct comprehensive or exhaustive examinations of any facet of the subject. It is, rather, an endeavor on my part to discuss briefly the various types of musical instruments found in Southern Appalachia; and to set down as many facts as possible relative to the specific instruments in the collection. I think it is important to know the maker of the instrument, its approximate age, the area of its origin, etc. My records, unfortunately, are often incomplete, or lacking altogether; but I am recording what information I do have before it is lost altogether. It is hoped that these bits and pieces will be used by future researchers (who possess more competency and time than l) to develop a truer picture and an historical documentation of the role music has played in the lives of the colorful people of the southern mountains, and subsequently the direct role played by these people in influencing music throughout the world.

J.R. I.

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The People and Their Music

The Fiddle

The Mountain Banjo

The Mouth Bow

The Appalachian Dulcimer

Miscellaneous Instruments of Southern Appalachia (Guitar, Mandolin, J