The Essential Skills and Safety
by Andrew Westwood

180x 230mm

Published by The Heliconia Press, an Imprint of Fox Chapel Publishing, PA, USA


ISBN 978-1-896980-69-0

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Extract from back cover of book:

Learn to paddle your canoe comfortably, efficiently, and safely!

Canoeing is for paddlers of all skill levels, providing beginners with the instructions they need to maneuver a canoe effectively on flat water, and offering more experienced paddlers expert advice on how to hone their techniques.

Whether you enjoy small day trips around local lakes and slow-moving rivers, overnight trips, or expeditions, Andrew Westwood's thoughtful and clear breakdown of canoeing principles, skills, and techniques make this book a must-have for solo and tandem paddlers who are interested in maximizing their enjoyment of the canoe.

Inside, you'll learn about:
- The equipment and how to choose it
- How to paddle tandem and solo
- Essential strokes and techniques
- Capsize recovery methods and safety issues
- Offside and advanced strokes

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Introduction to Canoeing
About the Author

Chapter 1: Equipment
The Canoe
- Canoe Design and Selection
The Paddle
Personal Gear
- Dressing for Warm Conditions
- Dressing for Cold Conditions
- Safety Gear & Accessories

Chapter 2: Before Hitting the Water
Caring for Your Canoe
Portaging Your Canoe
- One-person Canoe Lift
- Two-person Canoe Lift
Transporting Your Canoe
Getting In and Out
- Launching from Shore
- Launching from a Dock
Paddling Positions

Chapter 3: The Essentials
Warming Up and Stretching
The Three Golden Rules
- 1. Keep Your Upper and Lower Body Independent
- 2. Rotate Your Torso
- 3. Keep Your Arms Within Your Field of Vision
Paddling Posture
Holding the Paddle
Canoe Trim
The Canoe in Motion

Chapter 4: The Essential Strokes
Forward Strokes
- Forward Stroke
- J Stroke
- Cross Forward Stroke
Reverse Strokes
- Back Stroke
- Cross Back Stroke
- Reverse J Stroke
Turning Strokes
- Forward Sweep
- Reverse Sweep
- Stationary Bow Draw
- Cross Bow Draw
- Stern Pry
- Stern Draw
Lateral Strokes
- Draw
- Pry
Stability Strokes
- Low Brace
- Righting Pry

Chapter 5: The Essential Maneuvers
Straight Ahead
Straight Backward
- Tandem
- Solo
- Tandem
- Solo
Side Slips
- Tandem
- Solo
Moving Turns
- Edging the Canoe
- Tandem On-side Turns
- Tandem Off-side Tunrs
- Solo On-side Turns
- Solo Off-side Turns

Chapter 6: Safety on the Water
Lake Hazards
River Hazards
Capsize Recoveries
- Canoe-Over-Canoe Rescue
- Capistrano Flip
- Shake-Out
- Emptying at Shore