Making a Rattan Bow
by Linda Schilling &
Michael Wlotzka

215 x 280mm

Published by Schiffer Publishing, West Chester, Pennsylvania USA


ISBN 978-0-7643-4546-3

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Extract from back cover of book:

Using rattan or a combination of rattan and wood, a variety of interesting bow designs can be made. Rattan is a very light material consisting of a soft, flexible core and a protective hard circumference, which makes it an excellent choice for bow making. lts elastic properties allow the back part of the bow to handle its tensile strength while the belly of the bow is better able to resist its compression forces. This book guides you through the making of seven bow designs with illustrated, step-by-step instructions. Sections include creating the bow profile, tillering, leather grips, shaping the handle, making wood overlays for the tips, and much more. This book is perfect for archers, woodworkers, and crafters of all skill level.

Photos: Colour

Units of Measurement: Metric


Information about Rattan

Rattan Short Bow with Recurves
- Dimensions and Sawing-Out the Bow Profile (detailed)
- Preparing the Side Profile (detailed)
- Bending the Recurves
- The Tillering (detailed)
- Handle Variations

Rattan Short Bow with Recurves and Rosewood Belly
- Preparing the Bow Stave
- Tillering the Bow
- Leather Grip (detailed)

Pyramid Bow of Ashwood and Rattan Backing
- Top View
- Backing of Rattan
- Gluing Belly of Bow and Backing Together

Short Bow of Pearwood and Rattan
- Cutting the Rattan Pole
- Outlining the Bow Profile (detailed)
- Gluing-on the Belly of the Bow
- Developing an Even Bending
- Finishing

Rattan Recurve Bow with a Walnut Handle
- Splicing the Limbs (string alignment detailed)
- Tillering
- Bending the Recurves and Re-tillering
- Shaping the Handle and Finishing

Rattan Bow with Padouk Ends and Walnut Handle
- Making the V-splices
- Shaping and Tillering

Rattan Recurve Bow with Pearwood Handle and Laminated Recurves
- V-splice for the Handle
- Laminating and Splicing the Recurves (detailed)
- Shaping the Recurves (detailed)
- Tillering and Shaping the Handle

- Tools
- Glossary
- Bow String, Flemish Splice
- Bowyer's Knot
- Making a Bow Stringer