Mini-Lathe Tools and Projects
by David Fenner

150 x 210mm

Published by Special Interest Model Books Ltd, Dorset England


ISBN 978-0185486-265-5

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Extract from back cover of book:

This book follows on from the same author's introduction to the Mini-Lathe (Workshop Practice Series No. 43) and presents a series of projects which are intended to extend the versatility of this little machine. In some cases, additional machining capacity will be required, which some readers may find at their local model engineering club.

The book covers the Mark 2 Mini-Lathe, and specific tools such as the radius turning attachment, the tailstock and the dividing head, and includes techniques such as taper turning and knurling.

Whilst specifically written for the Mini-Lathe, some of the projects in this book can equally be applied to other small model engineering lathes and in many cases the concepts can be scaled to suit other equipment.

Photos: Black & White

Units of Measurement: Metric


Chapter 1 - The Mark 2 Mini-Lathe

Chapter 2- Improving the Radius Turning Attachment

Chapter 3 - Tailstock "Off centre" for taper turning

Chapter 4 - Mini-Lathe saddle Adjustment

Chapter 5 - Taper Turning Attachment

Chapter 6 - Lever Feed for the Tailstock

Chapter 7- Multi-Position Saddle Stop

Chapter 8 - Four Way Tailstock Turret

Chapter 9 - Long Cross Slide

Chapter 10 - Five Way Tailstock Turret

Chapter 11 - Dividing Head - Simple

Chapter 12 - Dividing Head with worm

Chapter 13 - Pump Centre

Chapter 14 - Simple Double Ended Tailstock Dieholder

Chapter 15 - Knurling